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Wild Hearts will get performance patch to address issues

Some Wild Hearts players are reportedly suffering from visual and performance issues.
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Wild Hearts players jumping into the game during its Early Access period have reportedly been facing a number of issues, including performance stutters and distracting visual glitches. While the game is only now on the cusp of release, players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultiamte and EA Play have been able to experience the first 10 hours of gameplay for several days.

While this has allowed them to experience the game’s unique take on monster hunting, it has also revealed resolution issues, frequent stuttering, and other visual glitches. According to Eurogamer, even robust PC hardware struggles with the game. Writer Matt Wales reported seeing these complaints ‘first-hand’, despite playing the game on a PC with an RTX 3070 graphics card.

Users on Reddit have further identified issues with the game looking fuzzy and blurry, HDR-related graphical issues on PS5, non-functional graphics settings, reflection issues, crashes, colours being washed out, and a variety of other bugs.

It’s clear the issues are widespread, as game developer Omega Force has now taken to Reddit to promise an incoming fix designed to ease the game’s many performance challenges.

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‘Omega Force are working continuously to improve performance and optimise the game for a wide variety of hardware specs across future updates,’ the developer confirmed. ‘We have a patch coming next week that addresses a CPU bottleneck problem the team discovered; this should improve performance across mid-high end CPU’s. The team are also actively working on DLSS and FSR support which will arrive in a future patch.’

PC players who are experiencing significant issues are encouraged to submit their dxdiag data to the Wild Hearts support team for further investigation.

For now, the team will continue working on a major performance update for the game, likely to land in the coming weeks. Those curious about Wild Hearts can already jump into the action via EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – or purchase it outright from 17 February 2023.

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