Wylde Flowers to get boutique store, custom clothing, photo mode

Wylde Flowers is expanding in February 2023, with new features, shops, and customisation options.
wylde flowers game

Wylde Flowers from Studio Drydock is expanding in February 2023, with a free game update adding in a range of fresh features – including a photo mode, and the option to change protagonist Tara’s clothing via a newly established boutique store.

The ability to change clothes in the game has long been requested, despite Tara being a relatively fashionable protagonist. She previously wore the same daily outfit – a red dress and black jacket – but following the game’s latest update, players will finally be able to craft new, more summery looks.

A brief trailer for this feature has shown off some of the options, and they include: short yellow overalls, a white summer dress, starry overalls, a jean jacket and pants combo, a black shirt and leopard print skirt, a leather jacket and yellow dress, a floral camisole, and more.

Each outfit can be crafted at Violet’s Boutique, a new store that will open in town. This looks to be an expansion of the existing flower shop, with Violet taking on dual duties in Fairhaven.

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In addition to new outfits and photo mode captures, the latest free update will also add in other surprise features, yet to be revealed by Studio Drydock. The news follows another recent Wylde Flowers update which added in new romantic dates, and the ability to change seasons after the game’s main story is concluded.

While Wylde Flowers does have a definitive end to its story, which may encourage players to finish the game and move on, Studio Drydock is currently hard at work creating new content to keep players revisiting the world of Fairhaven, and interacting with its many delightful characters. It’s a cosy town worth exploring at length, and each new update provides a significant reason to return.

More updates are likely on the way, but for now – keen players can look forward to new content and features landing in February 2023.

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