Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC announced

Vampire Survivors is introducing a new slate of characters, monsters, and weapons in its latest DLC.
vampire survivors tides of the foscari

Vampire Survivors developer Poncle has announced a second major DLC update for the BAFTA Award-winning game, titled ‘Tides of the Foscari‘. This expansion will land on 13 April 2023 for US $1.99 and will introduce a brand new magic-themed ‘Lake Foscari’ stage housing eight new characters, a raft of deadly weaponry, and plenty of new monsters to battle.

Here’s a quick rundown of the major stars of Tides of Foscari, per Poncle on Steam:

  • Eleanor – ‘Star pupil of The Azure Tower and a skilled magic user, Eleanor is as bright as she is shy.’
  • Maruto – ‘Undefeated champion of The Crimson Anvil. Stern, brooding, but with a heart of gold beneath his scowl, Maruto is a man of few words and strong arm.’
  • Keitha – ‘Sly, quick-witted, and fun loving, Keitha will do anything for a bit of adventure and levity. Deliberately stays near the bottom of class rankings in The Amber Sickle to avoid hassle.’
  • Luminaire – ‘The guardian of Lake Foscari, Luminaire is an ancient witch of great power and pure heart. Known in stories as the Lady of the Lake, or sometimes the Arboreal Mistress.’

In their quest to journey through the ‘continent-sized’ forest of Foscari Academy, they’ll need to contend with an array of fae mysteries, and come face-to-face with hordes of classic beasts inspired by RPG mythology.

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To defeat every obstacle, a range of debuting weapons will come in handy, including the magical ‘Eskizzibur’, based on the myth of Excalibur, and the chaotic-sounding ‘Flash Arrows’ which will ‘put a hole through a tree at 100 paces’.

You can check out some of these new additions in the teaser trailer for Tides of Foscari:

And here’s the official description for the upcoming DLC:

Tides of the Foscari will be the second DLC expansion for Vampire Survivors, introducing another huge stage as well as a slate of new characters, monsters and weapons to play with. And of course, secrets may be lurking in the shadowed canopies of the deep forest… But as always we can neither confirm nor deny the presence of vampires.’

‘Nestled deep within a continent-sized forest is Foscari Academy, a school where the elite of the world train their children for careers as powerful wizards, indefatigable generals, and expert spies. The Academy is divided into three houses, a premise hitherto untouched in all of fantasy fiction. Three students, one from each house, brave the journey into a forest stuffed with mythological creatures, all to have a jolly adventure, with absolutely nothing interrupting the whimsy.’

Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari launches on 13 April 2023.

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