Until Dawn is getting a PS5 and PC remaster in 2024

Until Dawn is officially getting a remaster for PS5 and PC.
until dawn ps5 pc remaster

Supermassive’s acclaimed horror adventure Until Dawn is officially set to be remastered, with an enhanced version confirmed to arrive on PS5 and PC in 2024. The news was announced during the latest PlayStation State of Play, with a flashy trailer spotlighting fresh textures and character models, and plenty of ratcheting tension.

As noted, this new version of Until Dawn will be “rebuilt and enhanced” for modern audiences, with development work handled by Ballistic Moon, a UK-based studio founded in 2019.

Until Dawn has remained a core, genre-defining horror experience for players since its release almost a decade ago. We are now taking these amazing foundations and adding more emotional depth, an enhanced look, and a completely new soundscape that a game with such a strong legacy deserves,” Neil McEwan, Creative Director at Ballistic Moon said of the project.

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As detailed, the game has been rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5, with new and improved animations, additional story beats, and upgraded characters, environments, and VFX. Based on footage shown off during the PlayStation State of Play, this version of Until Dawn will be brighter, crisper, and feature more realistic characters.

“We use a broader cinematic tonal colour palette and new perspectives to make the story more nuanced and emotional,” McEwan said. “We’ve been brave enough to shine a light into the dark, unseen corners of Blackwood Mountain and added a third-person camera, which means you can now look behind the curtain of the original game, exploring enhanced and new locations with new interactions and collectables.”

“Incorporating a third-person camera and adding contextual character movement animations, the game now allows the player to really feel the experience of that fateful night … We’ve endeavoured to keep the fantastic narrative integratory of the original, but we have seized the opportunity to expand upon unexplored emotional parts of the story.”

In addition, tweaks to audio have been designed to enhance the horror of Blackwood Mountain, and there will also be a new score for the game, composed by Mark Korven (The Witch, The Lighthouse, The Black Phone).

Stay tuned to learn more about the newly-announced Until Dawn remaster.

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