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The Division 2 gets Resident Evil crossover and roguelite mode

Ubisoft's live-service looter shooter is attempting to revitalise itself for a fifth year, with an eye-opening crossover and a meaty roadmap of new features.
The Division 2 Resident Evil crossover event

Ubisoft has detailed a number of updates for its live-service, third-person looter-shooter game The Division 2, ahead of kickoff for its fifth year of regular content updates. The game will receive four seasons’ worth of content during this period, beginning sometime in early June 2023.

To launch its fifth year in service, however, The Division 2 will be welcoming elements of other franchises into its cosmetic apparel range, something that Ubisoft has been doing quite regularly with Rainbow Six Siege.

Resident Evil and Splinter Cell crossover

Recognisable character costumes and weapon skins from the Resident Evil series will arrive in The Division 2 on 25 April 2023, with items belonging to series characters like Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers and Hunk on offer.

A Leon Kennedy-inspired outfit will be gifted to anyone who logs into The Division 2 from 25 April 2023 until 9 May 2023 – which is sure to create Ubisoft’s desired effect of pulling lapsed players back into a five-year-old game.

Ubisoft is also continuing the trend of utilising the iconic visage of Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher, without giving him (and series devotees) the benefit of an actual new Splinter Cell game. Those who buy into the Premium Pass for Year 5, Season 1 of The Division 2 will have a chance to unlock items that will make up a Sam Fisher outfit.

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The Division 2: Year 5 Season 1 Content

Solid cosmetics aside, the first major update for The Division 2 in Year 5 will be a new game mode called ‘Descent,’ a roguelite mode that players can take on either solo or in co-op, challenging themselves to get as far as possible through a series of tasks. The mode will be free to all players when Season 1 begins.

Season 2 will see a new Incursion – The Division 2’s equivalent of MMO Raids – that will feature the Cleaner enemy faction. The Cleaners also make an appearance in Ubisoft’s latest crossover shooter, XDefiant.

Season 3 will see events of The Division 2 returning, once more, to New York, the setting of the first Division game. Season 4 will feature new story content, as well as new zones, missions, and endgame structure. Players will need to have purchased the Warlords of New York expansion to access much of this content, with the notable exception of the Descent mode.

Image: Ubisoft

Early Access on PC Test Server

Those who play The Division 2 on PC will be able to try the new Descent mode if they log onto the game’s PC Test Server on 21 April 2023.

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The Division 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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