Here are the best board games of 2022

The American Tabletop Awards has officially crowned the best board games of 2022.
best board games 2022

The American Tabletop Awards have returned for another year, with a new round of accolades celebrating the best board games of 2022 in multiple categories – from casual games, to strategy, and beyond. Between clever cat games and planet-faring adventures, this year’s winners and nominees are very eclectic, and show off the vast array of experiences you can find in the world of board games.

If you’re looking for your next tabletop journey, The American Tabletop Awards have crowned worthy winners in the following categories:

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Early Gamers

boop board games
Image: Smirk & Dagger

The Early Gamers Award, designed to celebrate board games with approachable gameplay for young learners, went to boop. from Smirk & Dagger. This match-three game features a cast of adorable cats, and tasks two players with keeping their kittens aloft on a quilted couch.

Recommended games included:

  • Kites – A card game where players keep colourful kites in the air.
  • Mantis – A card game inspired by UNO and Gin Rummy.

Nominated games included:

Casual Games

turing machine board game
Image: Scorpion Masqué

The Casual Games Award, given to games with a high degree of accessibility, was awarded to Turing Machine from Scorpion Masqué. This game, which can be played in teams or solo, asks you to solve questions by inputting 3-digit codes into a dedicated machine, inspired by computers of the 1970s.

Recommended games included:

Nominated games included:

Strategy Games

best board games 2022 planet unknown
Image: Adam’s Apple Games

The Strategy Game Award, devoted to complex games that require quick thinking and analysis, went to Planet Unknown from Adam’s Apple Games. In this sci-fi adventure, players work to colonise and develop their own planet, while competing for resources and much-needed infrastructure.

Recommended games included:

Nominated games included:

Complex Games

best board games 2022
Image: Pegasus Spiele

The Complex Games Award, designed to celebrate intricate games with unique, intertwining mechanics, was given to Carnegie from Pegasus Spiele. This history-based game tasks players with growing and managing businesses against the backdrop of the burgeoning steel industry in the United States.

Recommended games included:

Nominated games included:

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