Sea of Thieves rumoured to release on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Multiple sources claim Sea of Thieves could be coming to new platforms in the near future.
sea of thieves playstation nintendo switch

Sea of Thieves, the acclaimed multiplayer pirate adventure, could be coming to PlayStation consoles and Nintendo Switch shortly, according to several prominent reports. The rumour was kicked off by Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, who claimed to have heard the title was in discussion for launch on other platforms.

Sea of Thieves – I’ll say I’ve heard that that was one that might be coming to other platforms,” Grubb recently said on his Game Mess Mornings podcast. “I’ve heard that could come to Switch and PlayStation.” Grubb also reported a rumour that Microsoft is planning to bring more successful titles to other platforms, to cross the barrier of exclusivity.

Former Axios and Kotaku reporter Stephen Totilo corroborated this rumour, stating in his Game File newsletter that a source had said Microsoft was strongly considering Sea of Thieves for release on PlayStation, possibly in early 2024.

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At this stage, the rumour is yet to be substantiated – but it certainly presents a tantalising opportunity. In recent years, Microsoft and developer Rare have put in significant work towards making Sea of Thieves approachable for everyone, introducing various pop culture crossovers (Pirates of the Caribbean and Monkey Island) and even implementing a stress-free solo mode for those wishing to journey alone.

While currently only available on PC and Xbox (and via Xbox Game Pass), Sea of Thieves has potential to reach a much wider audience base, should its availability expand to new consoles. That means more opportunities for finding a crew, and travelling the pirate world with friends by your side. Or, more realistically, it means more opportunities to loot and plunder, and make your mark as a deadly foe.

For now, we’ll have to wait to see whether Sea of Thieves makes the leap onto PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. After several years in operation, a console expansion could inject fresh blood into this swashbuckling adventure.

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