Sea of Thieves is introducing a solo-friendly Safer Seas mode

Sea of Thieves is finally introducing a long-awaited PvE mode for players who prefer to wander alone.
sea of thieves game solo pve mode

Sea of Thieves developer Rare has confirmed the tenth season of the long-running game will introduce a long-requested PvE (Player vs. Environment) server, where players can experience the game solo or with friends in private sessions. While this mode is similar to the base game, it allows players to wander freely without the influence of wandering pirate bands who may disrupt gameplay, capsize ships, or generally impact the experience.

For the first time since Sea of Thieves launched in 2018, players will be able to travel completely alone, should they wish. While Rare has previously implemented these private servers for cloistered Tall Tales, like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Monkey Island crossovers, players keen to experience the full game were previously required to jump in with the rabble – often leading to high chaos on the high seas.

The new ‘Safer Seas’ server, set to go live as part of Season 10 on 19 October 2023, will still allow players to tackle fights against beasts like the Kraken, Megalodon, and skeletons, but a lack of real-world pirates will also allow them to build their skills, explore freely, take on Tall Tales, and complete voyages without the added pressures of high-powered players.


Notably, the mode won’t feature Pirate Legend unlocks, Hourglass PvP sea battles, Captaincy milestones, Guilds, or Emissaries, and some rewards will be reduced – but regardless, it should be a welcome inclusion for those players who’ve been turned away by Sea of Thieves‘ standard multiplayer gameplay.

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Rare has always insisted that the fun of Sea of Thieves comes from the randomness of PvPvE gameplay, and the potential for other players to disrupt the peace but it appears, with the launch of Safer Seas, it’s backtracking somewhat, providing a new avenue for players to learn the ropes within a more comfortable PvE arena.

The aim of the new server is not necessarily to supplant the base game, given it does not offer the full suite of rewards and exploration opportunities, but it should neatly address the issues that many first-time players face in conquering the game’s mechanics. It’s likely assumed that players who jump into Safer Seas will then feel more comfortable to join the oceans of the High Seas – the base game.

For anyone who’s struggled to join the game out of shyness, or a lack of love for online multiplayer games, it represents a great opportunity to jump in.

Elsewhere in Season 10, Rare is planning to introduce an array of other features for tenured players, including new cosmetics, a high-stakes voyage known as the Skull of the Siren Song, a new Plunder Pass with fresh rewards, and team Guilds, for up to 24 players to band together.

Safer Seas, and the rest of the new game additions for Season 10, arrive in Sea of Thieves on 19 October 2023. The game is available on PC and Xbox consoles, and is downloadable via Xbox Game Pass.

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