RoboCop is now unlockable in WWE SuperCard

RoboCop is now available to unlock in WWE SuperCard – and his appearance is well-earned.
robocop wwe supercard

Paul Verhoeven’s iconic RoboCop is set to join the world of WWE SuperCard, with a new tie-in event introducing a special SuperStar card for the gun-toting anti-hero. He’ll be available in the game throughout May 2023, with players given a fresh round of quests to unlock new, themed cards.

Weirdly enough, a press release for the collaboration mentions that RoboCop and WWE are ‘iconic within popular culture’ and states the ‘collaboration between both IPs is sure to delight fans’ – but it fails to mention that RoboCop has a long history in wrestling.

In fact, he actually appeared as a canon character in a major, mainstream wrestling show in 1990.

See, as part of the promotional tour for RoboCop 2, the lesser sequel to the original 1987 film, RoboCop appeared as a guest character during a pay-per-view for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) – WWE’s main rival in the wrestling wars of the 1980s and 1990s.

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Capital Combat: Return of RoboCop was marketed as a movie tie-in PPV, and blended the ‘reality’ of wrestling with fantasy, as RoboCop appeared during the show to save a wrestler named Sting from the villainous Four Horsemen group. During the PPV, Sting was locked in a cage, and an actor playing RoboCop came down to the ring to pull the door off its hinges, saving the day.

This act has often been cited as one of the worst moments in wrestling, and a core reason for WCW’s eventual failure, and wholesale purchase by WWE. Still, nostalgia is a power tool – and in the years since Capital Combat, the RoboCop segment has been appreciated with a renewed sense of fondness.

Regardless of personal feelings, RoboCop holds an important place in wrestling history – and it’s great to see WWE SuperCard preserve that history.

How to unlock RoboCop in WWE SuperCard

RoboCop will be available to unlock in WWE SuperCard from now, until 31 May 2023. The limited-time event will include two SuperStar cards to collect, as well as several Support and Equipment cards.

To grab a copy of RoboCop for your deck, you’ll need to take part in the two RoboCop Special Quests, which direct you to complete a variety of challenges in the game’s main modes. Each quest will reward you with new Superstar, Support, or Equipment cards, until you eventually unlock all six special RoboCop tie-ins. Completion of these special quests will also grant you an exclusive Cardback for use in the game.

With these quests only lasting until the end of May, it’s best to get in quick if you’re looking to celebrate RoboCop’s wrestling legacy, and nab his cards for long-term use.

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