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PlaySide Publishing announces first title, Dynasty of the Sands

An Ancient Egyptian-themed city-building strategy game, Dynasty of the Sands is the first title to be signed by PlaySide Publishing.
Dynasty of the Sands

PlaySide Studios, the Australian development house known for games like Age of Darkness: Final Stand, has announced the first game to be signed by its new publishing arm, PlaySide Publishing. The title in question is Dynasty of the Sands, a survival city-building game set in ancient Egypt which tasks you with resource gathering, civilization building, and population management.

The game comes from Rocket Flair Studios, a team based in Northern Ireland that is also currently developing the underwater colony builder Surviving the Abyss, published by Paradox Arc. Like Surviving the Abyss, Dynasty of the Sands will be released in Steam Early Access.

The game is currently slated for 2024.

Dynasty will have features common to modern city-building games, such as individual needs and desires for each citizen, seasons, and a day/night cycle, as well as simulation of wildlife and disease to better represent the historical era.

Players will have to manage hunger and thirst to keep their population thriving in desert conditions, as well as manage a belief system that will pressure them to appease Egyptian gods. Laws and mandates will also be implemented for population management.

In a provided statement, Rocket Flair Studio Lead James Bradley said the studio wanted to ‘create a meditative, dreamlike city builder with high replayability and where every decision, no matter how small, had lasting consequences’.

As the first title to be signed by PlaySide Publishing, Dynasty feels very in line with the company’s existing experience in the realm of PC strategy games.

You can now wishlist Dynasty of the Sands on Steam.

In other Ancient Egyptian-themed PC strategy game news, Creative Assembly and Sega have also announced Total War: Pharaoh, the latest entry in the long-running grand strategy series.

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