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Peppa Pig: World Adventures gets new gameplay trailer

Peppa Pig is going to New York, Italy, London, and Australia – and you can't stop her.
peppa pig video game 2023

Peppa Pig: World Adventures, sequel to interactive narrative game My Friend Peppa Pig, has received a brand new gameplay trailer, showing off all the colourful and exciting places Peppa will travel in her latest romp. As the title suggests, World Adventures will span the globe, taking Peppa from her home in Peppatown all the way to London, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hollywood, New York – and even Australia.

In each country, a variety of interactive activities will be available, with each teaching young players more about the world, and its culture. In Australia, Peppa will greet wildlife, go on a plane trip across the outback, eat corn, and even play cricket.

In Hollywood, she’ll meet two action stars – a potato and a cheesy crisp – and help them make a movie set in space. The London trip includes a visit to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, New York features a yellow taxi ride, and the Eiffel Tower features heavily in the French chapter.

By the end of her trip, Peppa will likely be a very cultured little pig.

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While the Peppa Pig video game franchise has become the butt of jokes in recent years, it remains extremely important. As an introduction to gaming for young kids, these games have the power to entertaining and teach. They also allow kids to explore tactile, immersive worlds, and take a hands-on part in the popular show.

My Friend Peppa Pig is incredibly novel because it lets you be an active, virtual tourist in a world that its players have likely spent hundreds of hours getting to know from afar,’ Edmond Tran, Managing Editor of GamesHub wrote in his review of My Friend Peppa Pig. ‘The look and feel? Perfect. The way the environments are stitched together? Quite good. And the structure and design? Fantastic. This is what I want every game for small children to be.’

For the right audience, World Adventures could be pure magic.

Peppa Pig: World Adventures launches on 17 March 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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