Netflix gets Hades, Braid, Death’s Door, and more games in 2024

Netflix has announced a new wave of games coming to its subscription platform in 2024.
hades game netflix 2024

During its latest Geeked Week celebrations, Netflix has announced a new wave of mobile games arriving through its subscription platform, including a number of indie favourites. Headlining the pack is Hades, the roguelike adventure game starring the immortal Prince of the Underworld, Zagreus, on a quest to discover his freedom. It’s set to arrive on iOS mobile devices via Netflix in 2024.

Braid: Anniversary Edition is also set to launch on Netflix, arriving in April 2024. This new release of the classic adventure features a fresh visual style (although you can change back to the original version), as well as 15 hours of developer commentary.

Death’s Door, the gothic dungeon crawler starring a tiny crow, is also coming to Netflix in future, as is Katana Zero, the high-speed hack-and-slash platformer.

Netflix also has a range of original mobile games set to launch in the coming months, all based on Netflix film or television properties.

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As announced at Geeked Week, the previously-announced Shadow and Bone adaptation, Enter the Fold, is available to play now.

In this narrative RPG, you’ll play through the events of the television series, taking the reigns of Alina, General Kirigan, Sturmhond, Jesper, and more as they fight to survive in the land of Ravka. Notably, Netflix has remained fairly quiet about this series following its second season. Fans are eagerly awaiting news about a third season, or a potential spin-off – but for now, they’ll have to be satisfied with the newly-released game.

Money Heist is also getting a game adaptation, in the form of a crime thriller adventure. Players will need to chart a path through the game by making important dialogue choices, and solving an array of hacking mini-games.

The Dragon Prince: Xadia is also on the way in future. This adaptation is a co-op RPG with hack-and-slash combat, and adopts a cartoonish art style that strongly resembles the long-running animated show.

Finally, Netflix is also gearing up to release Chicken Run: Eggstraction, which is exactly what it sounds like: a stealth extraction game starring the main characters of Chicken Run. To conquer the challenges of this game, you’ll need to assemble a chicken crew, arm them with gadgets, and set them loose into hostile environments.

With Netflix continuing to double down on its mobile game offerings, we expect more games to be revealed in the coming months, and well into 2024.

In related news, Netflix also revealed another Witcher animated movie during Netflix Geeked Week – The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep – which notably features Doug Cockle as the voice of Geralt. Cockle is, of course, most known for his role as Geralt in the original Witcher video games.

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