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MultiVersus patch 1.02 removes cops from Velma’s special

Velma is getting a new special, hitboxes are being remapped, and the projectile system is also being reworked.
velma multiversus

MultiVersus patch 1.02 has officially launched, with a number of changes across the board – most notably to Velma, who now has a brand new special attack. Previously, Velma was able to call the cops on other players, after collecting a number of ‘clues’ on the battlefield. By initiating a command, the cops would pull up and arrest opponents, damaging their health and potentially knocking them out. Following the latest patch, Velma now summons the iconic Mystery Machine instead – likely in response to jokes about the character being a whistle-blowing ‘Karen’.

In addition to this change, Player First Games has also introduced a range of gameplay tweaks and improvements in the last patch, including to the game’s hitboxes. These will now be more accurate, and tightly tied to character animations, rather than being a static space. It means players will be able to avoid damage more easily, and will need better aim to hit their opponent.

Likewise, the projectile system is undergoing an overhaul. Following the latest patch, projectile behaviour will be ‘standardised’ to help players strategise and plan for incoming attacks.

Finally, the patch is rounded out by the inclusion of a new character: Gizmo, from Gremlins. He’s described as a projectile fighter, and rocks a bow and arrow.

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Here are the major changes coming to MultiVersus, per Player First Games.


  • Gizmo will be arriving on 09/08! He has his popcorn and is ready to pop off!
  • Spectator Mode now displays Team Colors properly
  • Fast settings have been added to support lower-end PCs

Gameplay Systems

Hitbox/Hurtbox Update

This patch includes our hitbox/hurtbox system overhaul. Our goal with this update is to more tightly tie hitboxes and hurtboxes to our character animations. We will be keeping an eye on how this update affects the player experience and we are ready to implement additional patches if any problems arise. This will be a process for us to get there, but this is our first step towards truly accurate hitbox/hurtbox detection and gives us a foundation to permanently fixing issues going forward.

  • Hurtboxes updated on every character.
  • Hitboxes updated on most attacks. Specific adjustments may not be listed in the character notes.

Projectile Systems Update

This patch also includes the first part of our projectile systems update. MultiVersus is a game that thrives on interesting interactions between fighters, between allies, and between projectiles, but a player shouldn’t need an encyclopedic knowledge of every attack in the game to feel comfortable understanding those interactions. Our goal with this update is to standardize global projectile behaviors so players can better adapt strategies around projectiles. This update is just the first part of our projectile systems changes, so expect more updates in a future patch.

  • Standardized opposing projectiles to always clank, destroying both projectiles
  • Introduced the Heavy Projectile – Heavy Projectiles break enemy projectiles, can only clank with other Heavy Projectiles, and cannot be reflected
  • Barriers and buffs that “Block Projectiles” more consistently block all projectiles.
  • Projectiles that explode no longer hit fighters that blocked the projectile.

Directional Action Key Mappings for Keyboard

  • Directional Attacks and Specials can now be mapped to specific keyboard keys. For example, Down Attack can be mapped to a key so that you can perform Down Attacks without also Fast Falling.
  • In total, there are 8 new keyboard binds: Up Attack, Right Attack, Down Attack, Left Attack, Up Special, Right Special, Down Special, Left Special.

Miscellaneous Gameplay Updates

  • Adjusted character mesh vertical offsets so that characters’ feet don’t clip into the floor as much. This change also involved adjusting the floor collision for the following maps: Scooby’s Haunted Mansion, Cromulons, Cromulons (1 vs 1), Tree Fort (1 vs 1), and all versions of Sky Arena.
  • Wall, floor, and ceiling bounces no longer restore Dodge Meter energy.
  • Improved input handling when an Attack/Special is executed at the same time as a jump. In the past, it was possible for jumps to interrupt Attacks and Specials, thus leading to “ignored” actions. This change will improve the responsiveness of short hop Attacks and Specials.

A range of character improvements and updates for MultiVersus are also detailed in the latest patch notes.

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