Marvel’s Avengers is 90% off ahead of planned delisting

Marvel's Avengers is set to disappear forever in the coming days – so grab it while you can.
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Marvel’s Avengers is set to be permanently delisted on 30 September 2023, following a tumultuous few years of live service that inspired publisher Square Enix to label it “disappointing“. While multiplayer services will remain online beyond this removal date, developer Crystal Dynamics has outlined that no customer support or game updates will be provided going forward, and that no users will be able to purchase the game in future.

For those who haven’t already purchased the title on one platform or another, it’s now heavily discounted – around 90%, to AU $6.99 | US $3.99 on most storefronts – as players are encouraged to pick it up before it disappears entirely.

In a Steam blog post, Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that plans for delisting remain in place, however players will still be able to enjoy the game as per usual.

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“The game will remain playable for owners largely as it is today,” Crystal Dynamics said. In a breakdown of the planned changes, the studio revealed exactly what to expect following the game’s delisting:

  • All currently available content will continue to be available as-is for solo and multiplayer play after Sept. 30, 2023.
  • If you own the game, it will remain in your game library for download and reinstallation after Sept. 30, 2023.
  • Limited-Time Events like the Red Room Takeover will continue to run after Sept. 30, 2023. These events will run in a two-week rotation. Reoccurring mission chains, events, and rewards will continue to refresh on the cadences they always have.
  • Customer support will no longer be available after Sept. 30, 2023.
  • All Operations and the War for Wakanda Expansion will continue to be playable as they are now.

Essentially, gameplay will continue to operate normally, despite new players being prevented from purchasing the game beyond 30 September. Players who continue to hop in will need to content themselves with familiar revolving content, and revisiting past challenges to unlock new in-game goodies.

It’s expected that live service for Marvel’s Avengers will continue indefinitely beyond its planned delisting, although it’s fair to assume that eventually, the game will permanently shutter – leaving just its single player and solo missions behind. For now, Crystal Dynamics has not announced plans to this effect, but we can expect news in future.

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