Indiana Jones and the Great Circle could be coming to PS5

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle could be coming to PS5, as part of a new Microsoft push.
indiana jones and the great circle

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is reportedly being considered for release on PS5, alongside a number of other Microsoft games. According to sources speaking to The Verge, Microsoft is currently discussing a fresh “multi-platform approach” for Xbox games, with only some games set to remain exclusive in future.

Sources believe Indiana Jones and the Great Circle may be the first Microsoft blockbuster to get a multi-platform release, with timed exclusivity reportedly being discussed. It’s currently believed Indiana Jones would launch on Xbox and PC first, with only a “rather short” period of exclusivity on these platforms.

At this stage, the planned move remains the subject of pure rumour, but there are other reports that corroborate Microsoft’s potential plans – earlier in January, multiple sources claimed Rare’s Sea of Thieves could be coming to Nintendo Switch and PS5 in future, and a recent datamine suggested Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush could also be coming to these consoles.

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The Verge reports that Hi-Fi Rush may be announced for other platforms in the “coming weeks” and that more Xbox-exclusive titles may follow it shortly. Starfield is another game that’s reportedly been considered for release on other consoles, with XboxEra claiming the title is set to launch on PS5 alongside its Shattered Space expansion.

Again, nothing has been confirmed yet – but The Verge‘s sources remain adamant that sweeping changes are being discussed. Given Microsoft previously revealed that making titles like Call of Duty exclusive would have a significant impact on company profits, it’s fair to assume the discussions taking place revolve around potential profitability.

While making a game like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle exclusive to Xbox and PC may attract some players into the Xbox console ecosystem, the game is more likely to become profitable with improved availability on multiple consoles. It’s likely debate centres around this conundrum – and whether a lack of exclusivity would balance out with a potential loss of console sales.

For now, The Verge believes discussions are ongoing, and that the future of Microsoft’s exclusive games will become clearer in the coming weeks – potentially with the launch of Hi-Fi Rush on new consoles. Stay tuned for more.

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