Frog Detective arrives on Switch and PS5 in October, with new scooter mini-game

The series will see its long-awaited debut on Nintendo Switch and other consoles, and feature a nice bonus, too.
Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery Switch

Fans of frogs and also detectives rejoice – Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery, the irreverent narrative mystery trilogy from Melbourne studio Worm Club (Grace Bruxner and Thomas Bowker), along with collaborators Dan Golding and Olivia Haines, is coming to more consoles, after it debuted on PC and Xbox in 2022.

The collection includes three games – The Haunted Mansion, The Case of the Invisible Wizard, and Corruption at Cowboy County – and will be released on 26 October 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5.

Excitingly, the wider console release of The Entire Mystery will also include a new scooter mini-game that will be exclusive to console versions. Frog Detective famously gained the ability to ride a scooter and perform sick tricks in the third game, Corruption at Cowboy County, a feature that debuted to great applause at Freeplay Parallels 2022.

The press release describes the new mode as follows:

The Entire Mystery will also feature an exclusive and fun new scooter mini-game called “Frog Detective Scooter”. Did Tony Hawk ever get a detective game? Checkmate, birdman. In this standalone mini game, you can freely explore a cool scooter skatepark and pull off cool tricks. It’s pretty cool!

Image: Worm Club

The console release will also coincide with multiple new translations of the game, including French, German, Italian, Spanish (Latin America) and Brazilian Portuguese.

In a provided statement, developer Grace Bruxner had this to say:

“Frog Detective on consoles is finally here! Can you believe it? Probably, as you are reading this on a news platform, so therefore it must be true. No longer must I reply to the question “is it on Switch?” with “Eventually!”. Now I can say “It’s not my responsibility to educate you.” And I can finally be happy. “, says genius developer Grace Bruxner from Worm Club.

In a 2021 GamesHub interview, Bruxner remarked that she was never driven by the prospect of commercial success, but rather she simply wanted to make a “silly series”. “I treated the game as a success before it was one, and it became successful over time. I’m glad I was naive enough to do that.”

As for what’s next, we can likely expect something entirely new from Bruxner and Bowker. “I have a fair amount of confidence that people who like Frog Detective will enjoy whatever I make next,” said Bruxner. “Frog Detective encapsulates so much of what I enjoy about games and storytelling, so I hopefully can recreate that joy in another project. It’s so exciting to think about what a new game could be.”

“If I make Frog Detective forever, the world will never see the next thing I come up with. Electric Eel Park Ranger, or something. Hitman 4. I dunno.”

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Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery will be released for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 on 26 October 2023. The game is already available on PC and Xbox, including via Xbox Game Pass.

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