Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis launches in September 2023

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis has finally nabbed a release date – and it's very soon.
final fantasy 7 ever crisis release date

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, the mobile game spin-off retelling stories from the entire FFVII compilation, has finally been given a release date: 7 September 2023. The game will launch for iOS via the Apple App Store and Android via Google Play on this date, with pre-registrations on both platforms now live.

Square Enix has previously described the game as a pseudo-remake, with stories from the FFVII compilation being retold and expanded with a new art style. Ever Crisis will spotlight the heroes of Final Fantasy 7 in a major way, but it will also focus more on the mysteries of Sephiroth, and his past.

Here’s the official game description, per Square Enix:

‘Another possibility for a remake. Relive the most memorable moments from Final Fantasy VII and experience the journey of a young hero Sephiroth. Experience both classic and new stories within the Final Fantasy VII universe presented in a retro-style look combined with modern, beautifully rendered graphics, that’s easily accessible on the go. Team up your favourite characters and customise each one with iconic gear and weapons to defeat powerful opponents in Solo or Co-op battle mode.’

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‘Discover the never-before told story of a young hero, Sephiroth. Encounter new characters along the way and play as iconic heroes, such as Cloud and Zack, in the epic storylines of the original Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII in episodic instalments.’

The game utilises a modern polygonal look that reflects the aesthetic of the original Final Fantasy VII, with each chapter calling back to this story, and expanding the narratives presented in other anthology spin-offs, like Crisis Core.

You’ll be able to take on a range of battles as you explore these alternate chapters, and also team up with friends in three-play co-op boss fights. We’ll learn more about the game shortly, as it heads to release for iOS and Android on 7 September 2023.

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