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FIFA 23 could include a major Ted Lasso crossover

FIFA 23 is likely to host a major crossover with popular TV series, Ted Lasso.
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FIFA 23 is likely to play host to a major Ted Lasso crossover that will see actor Jason Sudeikis reprise his role as the loveable Ted Lasso, coach of fictional team AFC Richmond. Clues to the crossover first appeared in an early leak on the EA website, which named AFC Richmond as playable, alongside other real-life teams.

While this was swiftly removed, EA now appears to be on the cusp of a full reveal for the Ted Lasso crossover. In a recent tweet, the official Ted Lasso Twitter account revealed an image of Jason Sudeikis being captured by an array of rigged cameras – which are typically used to create accurate in-game models.

‘Look out, Mario! You’re not the only pixelated man with a moustache who never knows where the tube is taking him,’ the tweet read.


In a telling response, the official EA Sports FIFA account replied with the ‘eyes’ emoji – typically deployed to signify a surprising secret or teaser. While this isn’t exact confirmation the beloved Ted Lasso will be entering his team into the next FIFA tournament, it’s fair to assume the crossover is real, and it’s set to be revealed shortly.

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We’ll likely know for sure if the popular TV franchise will be included in the action when FIFA 23 launches for PC and consoles on 27 September 2022 (early access) and 30 September 2022.

Strangely, this isn’t the first potential Ted Lasso crossover we’ve discussed on GamesHub this year. Recently, a data mine of Warner Bros.’ MultiVersus suggested that Lasso would also be included in this game, as a guest fighter. While this has yet to come to fruition, we can likely expect to see more of the iconic football coach in the coming months.

In addition to potential appearances in FIFA 23 and MultiVersus, Ted Lasso is also expected to appear in season three of his ongoing Apple TV+ series, sometime in 2022.

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