Diablo Immortal introduces vampiric Blood Knight class

The Blood Knight is the first new class for the Diablo franchise since 2014's Crusader.
diablo immortal blood knight

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed a brand new character class for mobile game Diablo Immortal – the first new class introduced to the franchise in nearly a decade.

The Blood Knight is a vampiric class with a focus on strong melee attacks and agility. According to the lore, Blood Knights are warriors who have been bitten by vampires and magically spelled to avoid the darker parts of this curse. Like vampires, they don’t age, and they have heightened senses which can be used on the battlefield.

They can also use vampiric transformation magic to embody powerful beasts, which can then be unleashed on the battlefield. In ‘human’ form, they’ll have access to blood-based weapons and shadow magic. You can see some of these powers in action via the new Blood Knight cinematic trailer for Diablo Immortal.

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Here’s the official class description, per Blizzard Entertainment:

‘The Blood Knight is a mid-range Class with hybrid attack options that are either melee or ranged depending on your proximity to the target. This vanquisher of vampires feeds on enemies’ life, entraps them in deadly shadows summoned with cursed strength, and relies on their trusty polearm to maintain distance from danger. And if all else fails, they may just succumb to the unholy abomination within themselves that’s vying for control of their humanity.’

The Blood Knight will be arriving in the game on 13 July 2023, as part of a free update.

So far, the class has not been announced for Diablo 4 – but it’s highly possible that this new upgrade could be coming to the game in future. As Blizzard recently announced, there are two major game expansions on the way, and either could function as a launching pad for this newly-developed class.

For now, the Blood Knight is a mobile exclusive for Diablo Immortal. Stay tuned for more details about this class, and whether or not it’ll make the leap to Diablo 4.

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