Bethesda announces Mighty DOOM mobile game

Mighty DOOM stars a Mini Slayer tasked with taking down the adorable hordes of hell.
mighty doom mobile game

Bethesda has announced a brand new DOOM spin-off, bringing all the violence and action of the tenured franchise to mobile devices – with a very cute twist. The upcoming Mighty DOOM is a top-down shooter that invites players to enter hell with the sole purpose of carving up demon hordes, one Cacodemon at a time.

As the Mini Slayer, a toy version of the original Doom Slayer, you’ll wield a giant gun and other power-ups in your bloody quest for victory. The game is essentially a mini rogue-lite dungeon crawler, and will continue endlessly as you discover new abilities, and more deadly bosses.

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You can check out the trailer for the unique DOOM spin-off below:

Here’s the game’s official description, per Bethesda:

‘Unleash the power of the Mini Slayer and slay thousands of demons in this adorably violent and intense top-down shooter. Players will arm themselves with legendary guns, upgraded gear, and powerful skills as they use their reflexes to shoot, dodge, and glory kill their way through the waves of demonic forces. If players fall in battle, they can rise again and continue the fight by levelling up, upgrading weapons and gear, and finding new combinations of skills to overwhelm and destroy the demon hordes.’

The Alpha Dog Studios-developed game will be free-to-play for everyone – although that means microtransactions will also be included. An exclusive Slayers Club skin for the Mini Slayer was announced alongside the game’s launch – and this is likely to be the first of many collectible cosmetics in the adventure.

Everyone who jumps into the action between the game’s launch on 22 March 2023 and 20 April 2023 will gain access to a free Mini Slayer’s Pack that includes the following gear:

  • Baron of Hell Heavy Cannon Weapon Skin
  • Cacodemon Rocket Launcher Weapon Skin
  • 3 Equipment Keys
  • 1 Weapon Key
  • 80 Crystals

These items will serve you well in your long and glorious journey.

Stay tuned for the launch of Mighty DOOM on iOS and Android devices on 22 March 2023. Those keen to get in early can now pre-register for game access on Google Play, and the Apple App Store.

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