Terry Burdak of Paper House shares the best spots along tram route 86 

Terry Burdak invites you to come visit the Paper House shop during Melbourne International Games Week, and make some stops along the way.
Paper House Terry Burdak Gamer's Guide

Terry Burdak is one of the founders of Paper House, the studio behind Paperbark and the upcoming Wood & Weather. Paper House is also organising Freeplay Parallels, which takes place during Melbourne International Games Week 2022.

The physical studio is a little shop, which sells locally made videogames, as well as books, prints and merchandise related to games. While Paper House is a fair distance away from the action of Melbourne International Games Week in the CBD, the studio is taking part in a few activities throughout the week, while also selling exclusive shop items. 

With that in mind, Terry has given us his recommendation of places to grab great food and coffee whenever you decide to take the tram up to see him, and the rest of the gang, at Paper House.

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The 86 to Paper House

The 86 Tram is so iconic, it has its own Wikipedia article, a concept album inspired by it, and is mentioned by name in a Courtney Barnett track. It starts all the way down in the ghost town they call ‘Docklands’, moves through the middle of the city, and then cuts right through the heart of Melbourne’s Inner-North. Not only does it give you a wonderful snapshot of Melbourne, it delivers you right to the doorstep of our studio! Paper House!

We compiled a small list of great lunch places we love to eat at. Stop and check them all out on your journey, as you venture up the 86 to see us!

Paper House

865 High St, Thornbury VIC 3071 (Stop 41)

Paper House is a small video game development and creative studio. We love local games and create silly things inspired by the world directly around us. 

We are also a small independent shop which specialises in locally made videogames, books, prints and merchandise! For Melbourne International Games Week, we’ll be setting up our space with a bunch of fun things to do over the week and stocking some exclusive items! 

Come say hello!

Short Round

731 High St, Thornbury VIC 3071 (Stop 39)

Short Round is a down-to-earth boutique cafe that stocks Proud Mary coffee, and has one of the best seasonal menus in Melbourne. We always say ‘make sure you get the congee!’ but anything on the menu is incredible.

LAN Coffee

640 High St, Thornbury VIC 3071 (Stop 38)

LAN Coffee has become our little regular for easy lunches. They have some cheap toasted sandwiches and a really good kimchi fried rice. However, it’s the pour-over coffee you will want to stop for. They have an incredible selection of top-tier speciality filter beans.


562-564 High Street, Thornbury 3071 (Stop 36)

SABLE is a very cool all-plant-based bagel spot that only recently opened up, but has become a bit of a go-to for us. The servings are really big and you’ll be surprised at the variety of bagels they have. It feels really weird munching into a ‘smoked beef rib bagel’ knowing it’s entirely fictitious.

All Are Welcome

190 High Street, Northcote 3070 (Stop 31)

All Are Welcome is probably one of the best bakeries in Melbourne. They have some fairly unique pastries, with their bostock being one of the notable. They also make one of the best sausage rolls you can ever eat in your life.

That Art Deco Maccas

199 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North VIC 3068 (Stop 25)

It’s the iconic Maccas from the internet. You don’t need to eat here, but get a photo of it to post on your socials.

Shop Ramen

329 Smith St, Fitzroy 3065 (Stop 19)

Shop Ramen famously sells good ramen and good milkshakes. Weird combo, but do it because they’re both amazing. They have good vego options and great sides for anyone who can’t commit to a full ramen.

Neko Neko

83A Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3065 (Stop 15)

Neko Neko is a really cosy Japanese cafe that sells pescatarian/vegan dishes. They sell a range of ramen, bento, katsu curry and burgers. The food is really good and easily one of the best vego lunch spots in Melbourne.

Belles Hot Chicken

150 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065 (Stop 14)

The journey starts at Belles Hot Chicken as it is hands down the best fried chicken place in Melbourne, and one of Terry’s favourite venues in the world. The portions are pretty big so don’t be deceived by their light descriptions on the menu. They have a vego option too!

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