The best Christmas gifts for PlayStation lovers

Christmas is right around the corner. Read on to find out more about the best gifts for the PlayStation fan in your life.
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It can be difficult to shop for gamers around Christmas time, with the range of video games, accessories, consoles, and other fun items being frankly overwhelming. Choosing the right game requires knowing the existing taste of the PlayStation lover in your life. Determining the right accessories is all about analysing their current set-up, and where you can improve things.

The right Christmas gift takes time, observation, and expertise – but if you need some help, that’s where this handy gift guide comes in. From fresh consoles, to the latest games and accessories, here are a few meaty PlayStation gift ideas to get the ball rolling this Christmas.

Note: All prices listed are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and refer to items available in Australian retail spaces. Equivalent gifts are available in other regions.

A brand new PS4 or PS5 game – $40-80

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Image: Insomniac Games

Okay, this one seems basic, right? The PlayStation fan in your life would certainly love a new video game for Christmas. But it’s not as simple as buying any old game. First, you have to consider what type of games your dearly beloved plays. Do they like adventure games? Puzzlers? Meaningful stories about fathers connecting with sons or daughters? The good news is there’s plenty of variety – and many options, even if you’re not sure where to start.

Here are a few of our personal recommendations on what to get, per video game genre or preference:

Any of these titles would make for great gifts.

A spare PlayStation controller – AU $99.95

Image: Sony

Gaming doesn’t have to be a solo activity – not when there’s a second controller involved. If you’re somebody who likes to game with others, or you just want a bonding activity with the PlayStation lover in your life, buy them a second controller. Choose something funky like purple, blue, or pink – or go for the classic white colour scheme. Whatever you decide, it’s always handy to have a second controller on the go.

This helps with multiplayer gaming sessions, with charging, and even helps to preserve the buttons and tactility of all controllers, as players are able to share the gameplay load. You can never have too many controllers – and they certainly make for nice gifts.

DualSense charging station – AU $27.99

Image: Amazon

If the PlayStation lover in your life already has multiple controllers in their life, you might like to help out with their charging situation. The PS5 notorious has very few USB slots – and even fewer that are accessible, making charging a massive pain in the arse. But being able to charge multiple controllers from a single slot is very handy – and would likely make for a great and cost-effective gift.

Not everyone has use for these multi-controller chargers, but they’re perfect for the right person.

Western Digital WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe SSD – AU $232.83

PS5 SSD storage upgrade PlayStation 5 guide
Image: GamesHub

The PlayStation 5 is a powerful console – but game install sizes are massive, and it won’t be long until the console storage is filled, and can’t fit anymore. That’s where an SSD expansion comes in. These tiny chips can add terabytes of storage capacity, and can be easily fitted into the backend of the PS5.

They’re massively handy for anyone who loves games, and would be considered a very useful gift if you have a bigger budget. Other than the recommended WD_Black SN850X, which has been tried and tested by GamesHub, the following devices also come recommended:

Seagate 2TB Limited Edition God of War Ragnarok Hard Drive – AU $145

Image: Seagate

If a high-speed NVMe SSD expansion drive is a bit out of your price range, you can still give the always-welcome and highly-practical gift of extra data storage in the form of a USB external hard drive.

External hard drives can be used on both the PS4 and PS5 consoles to store and run PlayStation 4 games if you’ve run out of space on your internal hard drive. They can also be used to archive PlayStation 5 game data, however, you’ll have to move the files to the internal hard drive on the PS5 before you can run those.

Though you can use almost any external USB hard drive for these purposes, Seagate makes a series of themed ‘Game Drives’ that are officially licensed by PlayStation, and come in a variety of eye-catching designs that will likely feel a little bit nicer to receive as a gift.

The one we’ve linked here is the God of War Ragnarok-themed design that we think is pretty stylish and subtle, inspired by one of the best PlayStation games of 2022. But Seagate also currently has a line of Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Star Wars-themed Game Drives too.

And of course, you can use these external hard drives on PC and Mac computers as well.

Sony Inzone H9 Headset – AU $449

inzone h9 sony headset review
Image: Sony

The Sony H9 Inzone headset is an audio beast that maximises bass and audio blasts while you’re playing games. If you want the best for the PlayStation lover in your life, the H9 is the way to go – it’s one of the best PlayStation-centric headsets on the market. It also comes in H7 and H3 models, which sport fewer features, but maintain the same level of crisp sound and strong beats.

Check out the GamesHub review for more:

Read: Sony Inzone H9 headset review – Super bass and crisp surround sound

Artiss Lounge Sofa Bed Floor Chair – AU $53.16

sofa bed floor chair
Image: Amazon

Posture is extremely important, especially while playing video games for long periods. If the PlayStation fan in your life has a bad gaming set-up, or one that’s not particularly comfortable, consider buying them something practical this Christmas: like the Artiss Lounge floor chair. These are great because they keep you low to the ground (assuming their TV is also low to the ground) but keep your buttocks and back well-supported.

With a chair like this you can sit close (but not too close) to the TV, enjoy your games, and know you’re living in the lap of luxury – or something close to it, at least.

PlayStation 5 Console + Game Bundle – AU $905

ps5 christmas gift
Image: Sony

Now, an actual PlayStation 5 console is a gift only for the most beloved PlayStation fan in your life (assuming they don’t actually have one already) – but it is a viable option for a Christmas gift. Or a combined Christmas-birthday gift, valid for the next few years. Up to you. This Christmas marks the first time the PlayStation 5 is actually freely available for purchase (they’ve been in very short supply the last couple of years), with recent bundles available on Amazon actually staying online for weeks at a time.

There’s a high chance the PlayStation lover in your life hasn’t managed to nab a console at all yet because of the proliferation of bot accounts snapping up PS5s over the last few months – but now, there’s finally an opportunity to strike. While you will need to fork out for the privilege of gifting one of these consoles, it might just be worth it for the surprise.

Keep your eye on online storefronts now and in December – the PlayStation 5 is finally in stock, and ready to fly off shelves.

PlayStation VR2 Pre-Order – AU $879

playstation vr2 release date price
Image: Sony

Like the PlayStation 5, the upcoming PlayStation VR2 device is a hefty investment – but it might be a worthwhile one for the right person (and as long as they’re willing to share). The PlayStation VR2 is the latest generation of VR device from Sony, and is designed for more tactile, engaging experiences on PlayStation 5. The launch lineup for the PSVR2 is fairly slim, but it includes some potential heavy-hitters like Horizon Call of the Mountain, a companion title to the Horizon series (Zero Dawn, Forbidden West.)

Important to note is the PlayStation VR2 will not be launched in time for Christmas – it currently has a global release date of 23 February 2023 – but opening a surprise letter or mini-gift with details of a PlayStation VR2 pre-order would be a fabulous shock for a lucky PlayStation lover.

Again – this is a meaty investment, but the pure generosity of this gift would certainly be fun to deliver.

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