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marvel's spider-man 2

Sony is laying off 900 employees from PlayStation studios

Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Guerrilla Games, Firesprite, and more will suffer losses.

marvel's spider-man 2

Sony won't release any "major franchise" games in next fiscal year

Sony has outlined a predicted downturn in the next fiscal year.

bloodborne kart game review

Bloodborne Kart to become an original game after Sony contact

Branding and characters in Bloodborne Kart will be changed following intervention by Sony.

God of War horizon tv adaptations sony ces 2024

CES 2024: Sony reveals new details about Gravity Rush, God of War, and Horizon adaptations

Sony has revealed a wave of new updates during CES 2024.

marvel's wolverine game

Sony investigating alleged ransomware hack at Insomniac Games

Sony is investigating an alleged ransomware attack at Insomniac Games which may contain employee details, and other documents.

ps5 slim model 2023

New PS5 Slim: Australian Prices and Release Date

After months of speculation, Sony has officially revealed its new PS5 Slim models. Here are the vital details for the…

playstation portal handheld gaming console

PlayStation Portal – Review Roundup

Early reviews for the PlayStation Portal are very positive, with critics praising its comfort and performance.

State of Play playstation live service games plans

Sony has delayed half of its upcoming live service games

Sony had planned to release 12 live service games by March 2026.

ps5 ps4 playstation global console market share

Sony drops Twitter / X integration on PS4 and PS5

PlayStation users will no longer be able to share screenshots and gameplay to Twitter / X via the Share button.

sony sexism lawsuit

Sony, Devolver, and other companies donate to Israel and Gaza humanitarian relief

Sony has donated US $2 million to support humanitarian relief efforts in Israel and Gaza.

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