Bloodborne Kart to become an original game after Sony contact

Branding and characters in Bloodborne Kart will be changed following intervention by Sony.
bloodborne kart game review

Fan racing game Bloodborne Kart is set to become an original title, developer Lilith Walther has confirmed on Twitter / X. While originally designed as an adaptation of FromSoftware’s beloved gothic adventure Bloodborne, complete with its characters, branding, and world, Walther has now confirmed the game will change, following contact by Sony.

“WHELP. IT HAPPENED. Sony contacted me,” Walther said. “Long story short I need to scrub the branding off of what was previously known as Bloodborne Kart, which we will do. But that requires a short delay. Don’t worry, the game is still coming out! It’ll just look slightly different. Like I’ve said in multiple interviews, we were all expecting this to happen so we could be pleasantly surprised if it didn’t.”

As detailed, it appears Walther was contacted with a cease and desist of some form – although it appears Sony is still happy for the game to release, as long as Bloodborne intellectual property is scrubbed from the game.

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While Bloodborne Kart was allowed to go viral, with much attention paid to its quality and its “meme made real” status, it appears the trigger for contact was its upcoming release date. Originally, Bloodborne Kart was set to be released on 31 January 2024 – although it will now be slightly delayed, to remove references to Bloodborne entirely.

Notably, Walther had already released a similar title – a Bloodborne demake” in PlayStation One style – with little trouble, but it appears Bloodborne Kart has gained enough popularity and interest to be cut off before it can be released.

Regardless of this roadblock, Walther is going ahead with plans for the game, with a few tweaks. When the game releases, after a short delay, it’s expected to include 12 racers, 16 maps, a single player campaign mode, boss fights, local split-screen multiplayer, and plenty more.

While it won’t include iconic Bloodborne characters, it’ll likely still be a neat entry into the kart racing genre, and a great showcase for the unique talents of Walther. You can follow progress of the updated game on Twitter / X.

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