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call of duty microsoft activision blizzard sony

Microsoft files appeal to overturn blocked Activision Blizzard deal

Microsoft has filed its formal appeal to the UK Competition and Markets Authority.

new zealand verdict microsoft activision blizzard crash bandicoot

Europe approves Microsoft's Activision Blizzard acquisition

The European Commission has cleared the deal with several cloud gaming-related conditions.

microsoft xbox gaming safety toolkit

Microsoft launches 'Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit', targeted at families

The Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit was developed with the eSafety Commissioner, and other organisations working in Australia.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft announces another 10-year cloud gaming deal

Microsoft has signed another agreement to make its future cloud offerings more widespread, following concerns by the UK markets authority.

activision blizzard microsoft

Activision Blizzard expects accelerated appeal for Microsoft merger

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick believes the UK Competition and Markets Authority has been 'irrational'.

activision blizzard microsoft deal blocked

Xbox acquisition of Activision Blizzard blocked by UK regulator

The UK Competition and Markets Authority has officially ruled against Microsoft's deal.

xbox game pass rival game sales q3 2023 finanicla results

Xbox Game Pass users grow while Xbox console sales drop

Microsoft has announced solid growth for Xbox services, including Xbox Game Pass.

Redfall Remi Arkane Austin

Redfall won't have 60 FPS performance option on Xbox at launch

Redfall, the upcoming vampire shooter from Arkane, won't have the graphical options you'd expect from a modern console game at…

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends will try to make action strategy mainstream

Minecraft's unique blend of approachable strategy has the potential to be deeply compelling, particularly given the developer behind it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Activision Blizzard

Xbox and Activision merger won't hurt console competition, says UK

The UK's market regulator has concluded that it would make no sense for Xbox to withhold Call of Duty from…

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