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Cult of the Lamb review devolver-digital

Everything announced at Devolver Direct 2022

Devolver Direct 2022 was exactly as strange as we all expected. Here's everything announced during the show.

The Plucky Squire

The Plucky Squire is an adorable platformer from former Pokemon dev

The Plucky Squire is an adorable-looking 2D/3D hybrid game, created by a new studio with a very strong game development…

skate story

Skate Story has you grinding through hell as a glass demon of pain

Skate Story is a fantastical game with grounded skateboarding mechanics, where you play a demon grinding its way through hell.

anger foot

Anger Foot is a game where you kick things with your gross frog legs

Devolver Digital showed off a new trailer for Anger Foot, a first-person action game where you kick a lot of…

card shark review nintendo switch

Card Shark Review: A very neat trick

Card Shark carries a lot of aces, but getting them into your hand can be tedious.

Weird West PC review

Weird West Review – Everything for nothing

Filled with intricate systems that never quite come together in enough interesting ways, Weird West is more interested in itself…

Steam Sales May 2022 - Roguelikes, LudoNarraCon, Devolver, Raw Fury

Incredible games for pocket change during this week's Steam Sales

Steam currently has big sales on roguelikes, narrative games, and titles from Devolver and Raw Fury.

Trek to Yomi PC Review

Trek to Yomi Review - A beautiful samurai game that lacks bite

Trek to Yomi is a striking and beautiful interpretation of mid-century samurai cinema, but its fighting mechanics lack a much-needed…

Cult of the Lamb review devolver-digital

Adorable occult game Cult of the Lamb will release on consoles in 2022

Cult of the Lamb comes from Melbourne studio Massive Monsters in partnership with Devolver Digital – so you know it's…

Death's Door key art

Death’s Door Review - Elevating a common genre mashup with artistic flair

Enchanting art direction and engaging themes make Death's Door more than just the straightforward, Zelda-inspired game it appears to be.

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