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KarmaZoo is a co-op platformer game for nice people

KarmaZoo requires ten players, all working together to achieve harmony and harvest karma.
karmazoo game

Devolver Digital and Pastagames have announced a brand new, wholesome venture in the form of KarmaZoo, an upcoming platformer game that pairs ten players together in challenges designed to test co-operation, communication, and goodwill.

Described as both ‘joyful’ and ‘chaotic’, the game demands quick thinking – and potentially even animal sacrifice – as players run through a loop of tough platforming levels, each containing various puzzles and threats. As one of ten roaming animal avatars, your job is to keep the peace, and aid your team in completing each level.

Sometimes, that means jumping on spikes to form a bridge to cross, while your adorable companions watch on in horror. At the very least, this sacrifice will earn you Karma, which can be spent to unlock new avatars, some of which boast very helpful skills.


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KarmaZoo has two main game modes to keep the action pumping:

  • In Loop Mode, players will work together to conquer levels which quickly grow in challenge.
  • In Totem Mode, you can go head-to-head with your teammates in eight-player battle mini-games.

Both allow you to work on your platforming skills, which you’ll need to get through the game’s rigorous gauntlets.

While KarmaZoo appears to be a game best played with friends, given the degree of communication and cooperation needed to make it through each level, it also looks like it’ll be a delightful challenge with strangers. Corralling ten willing, kind players may be the toughest battle in this adventure, but if you find the right crew, KarmaZoo should be a weird, wonderful little romp when it debuts later in 2023.

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