Devolver Digital acquires Gunbrella studio, Doinksoft

Devolver Digital announced the acquisition of Doinksoft on social media.
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Prolific game publisher Devolver Digital has announced the acquisition of Doinksoft, the independent development studio known for the cat mech game, Gato Roboto, and the upcoming sidescroller adventure, Gunbrella.

‘Today is a historic moment,’ Devolver announced on Twitter. ‘We are excited to announce that the world-renowned franchises and talented people at Doinksoft will be joining Team Devolver!’ This announcement was accompanied by key art from Gato Roboto, Gunbrella, and Demon Throttle, as well as Red Dead Redemption 2.

It’s important to note here that Doinksoft is not responsible for Red Dead Redemption 2, but the game has been included as an inside joke. The team at Devolver is very passionate about Red Dead Redemption 2, and have frequently talked about their love for the Rockstar-owned property.

This tongue-in-cheek bit only slightly muddies the waters of what is a very worthy acquisition. Doinksoft has made a name for itself in recent years, with the company earning praise for its adventurous ideas and rampant creativity.

While still unreleased, Gunbrella recently earned high praise in early previews. We called it a ‘rain-soaked Western to die for’ and noted its unique, compelling rhythm, and approach to platforming:

‘It’s a brilliant, oozing dance that typifies the originality and flow of Gunbrella. Meaty, well-controlled movement and combat means the action, while occasionally difficult to grasp, feels polished and satisfying. Getting a win requires patience and timing, but victory is well-earned and rewarded.’

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‘As a lone gunslinger, the task ahead of you in Gunbrella is daunting. The road is littered with weirdness, bursts of flesh, strange country towns, and a looming, cult-like presence – but with your handy gunbrella by your side, any challenge can be conquered. Any heart can be won.’

With Doinksoft now officially under Devolver’s umbrella, the path to release for Gunbrella and other, future adventures should be smoother. Stay tuned to hear more about the studio’s next major projects, and its evolving relationship with Devolver Digital.

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