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Annapurna Interactive

Annapurna Interactive showcase 2022 announcements

Everything announced at the 2022 Annapurna Interactive Showcase

Independent arthouse game publisher Annapurna Interactive revealed several new games, partnerships, and ports during their 2022 showcase.

Stray review pc ps5

Stray Review - So Exquisitely, Believably Cat-like

Between the naturalistic traversal, the aloof nature of your protagonist, and the little details, Stray gets so much right about…

Neon White PC review

Neon White review - Don’t stop, never give up

Milliseconds matter in Neon White, an intense, stylish, and action-packed speedrunning game that you never want to end.

Thirsty Stuitors

South Asian RPG Thirsty Suitors wins Tribeca Games Award 2022

The culturally-focussed RPG from Outerloop Games has taken out the second-ever Tribeca Games Award.

stray playstation game

Stray, the cat game everyone loves, is launching July 19

Another trailer has been released for Stray, showing off some excellent cat-based gameplay in a human-less post-apocalypse.

A Memoir Blue Review

A Memoir Blue Review – an insipid beauty

With an emotional story and a unique blend of 2D and 3D art styles, A Memoir Blue is enticing on…

The Artful Escape review key art

The Artful Escape Review - A sight and sound to behold

A Melbourne-made, sensory journey of transformation, The Artful Escape revels in galaxy-spanning, mind-altering, maximalist sensation.

The poster for videogame Twelve Minutes (12 Minutes)

Twelve Minutes Review - Mistaking shock for substance

An A-list Hollywood cast can't help the fact that Twelve Minutes ultimately has nothing of value to say.