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playstation vr 2

PlayStation VR2 reportedly begins mass production

The upcoming device is reportedly expected to sell far more than its predecessor.

google stadia controller

Google Stadia is shutting down, refunds to be offered

The streaming service will shut down on 18 January 2023, with all subscribers getting refunds.

logitech g cloud gaming device

Logitech G announces cloud-based gaming handheld

The Logitech G Cloud is designed for use with cloud gaming services, like Xbox Cloud Gaming.

logitech g aurora collection
Opinions & Analysis

The Logitech G Aurora Collection is for everyone

The Logitech G Aurora Collection has been heavily marketed towards women – but what does gender have to do with…

epos gaming headsets

EPOS gaming headsets are engineered for the win

The latest line of gaming headsets from EPOS has put a lot more thought and research into the human listening…

inzone h9 sony headset review

Sony Inzone H9 headset review – Super bass and crisp surround sound

The Sony Inzone H9 headset rocks a thumping bass and crystal clear 3D audio which should guide you to gaming…

playstation vr2 impressions preview

Early PlayStation VR2 impressions are wildly positive

PlayStation VR2 impressions are now live – and they paint a rather impressive picture of the device.

meta quest 2 vr gaming device review

Meta Quest 2 review – A stepping stone to the future

The Meta Quest 2 is a step forward for VR gaming – although it's held back by its game library.

meta quest meta connect october 2022

Meta Quest Pro VR will likely appear at Meta Connect 2022

The Meta Quest Pro VR is likely to appear during the latest Meta Connect showcase in October.

ps5 ps4 playstation global console market share

New, lighter PS5 has been completely redesigned

A teardown of the new CFI-1200 model has revealed updates to several console components.

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