Asus ROG Ally – Price and Release Date for Australia

The ROG Ally has been priced in Australia and New Zealand, where the Steam Deck is not officially available.
asus rog ally handheld gaming pc

Taiwanese PC manufacturer Asus has announced the regional Australian and New Zealand pricing for its PC gaming handheld, the ROG Ally. The higher-end AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme variant of the device, which sports 512Gb of storage space, will be priced at AUD $1,299 in Australia, and be launched on 13 June 2023, in line with global release dates.

The same model will be available for NZD $1,499 in New Zealand. The Ally will be available for purchase exclusively at JB Hi-Fi retail stores in Australia and New Zealand, as well as PB Tech stores in New Zealand.

The announcement comes a week prior to the announcement of the North American and UK versions of the ROG Ally AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme version, which will retail for USD $699 and GBP £699 respectively.

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While the lower-tier version of the device, which sports a standard AMD Ryzen Z1 processor (sans Extreme, translating to a less robust graphics processing unit) was priced at US$599, Asus currently has no confirmed price for this model in Australia and New Zealand.

Asus representatives confirmed that the lower-tier version of the Ally would be released sometime after the 13 June 2023 release date.

Early impressions and reviews of the Ally deem it as an impressive, more powerful version of Valve’s Steam Deck handheld PC console, which is currently unavailable in many regions, including Australia and New Zealand. However, the device has received some critiques regarding its relatively short battery life, and problems inherent to its Windows 11 interface. GamesHub will have a review of the ROG Ally in the coming weeks.

The Asus ROG Ally is now available to pre-order through JB Hi-Fi.

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