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Gave developers celebrate POC in Play

POC game developers celebrate diversity with #IamPOCinPlay

The hashtag #IamPOCinPlay was created by POC in Play, a UK-based organisation that develops initiatives to promote and include People…


AIDC mentorship and $25k funding for documentary videogames

State of Play offers development funding and mentorship to strengthen and showcase the collaboration between nonfiction stories and gaming technologies…


From Twitch streamer to studio lead, Loriipops is changing games culture

Lorien Gugich will bring six years of partnered Twitch streaming, experience in production and community management, and a passion for…

meena shamaly, composer on innchanted

Cultural integrity and Indigenous collaboration on the Innchanted soundtrack

At Games Connect Asia Pacific Conference, composer Meena Shamaly detailed his collaborative process of composing a score alongside First Nations…

hollow knight xbox game pass

Australian games industry: one step closer to rebates and sustainability

A sustainable Australian video game industry? Production rebates are a small, important step.

SA game developers

What can SA's Video Game Development Rebate do for local developers?

The SA Video Game Development Rebate, the first of its kind in Australia, is now available to SA devs. What…


How 'Dap' developers went from zero to PAX in two years

In two and a half years, Iris and Paul Anstey went from never having made a game, to having their…


PAX Online: How Film Victoria funds games

For PAX online 2020, two reps from Film Vic sat down with devs from Untitled Goose Game, Frog Detective and…

Dap, part of the Pax Online indie showcase

PAX ONLINE: Meet the Aussies of the indie showcase

This year PAX's indie showcase of playable demos is all online, and just as exciting as ever.

best friend forever

Best Friend Forever and the emotional cost of release day

In this excerpt from her longer article, studio and creative director Lucy Morris details the emotional cost of launching Starcolt's…

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