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the simpsons hit and run

The Australian Speedrun Marathon returns next week

Tune in to speedruns of Mario Kart 64 and The Simpsons: Hit & Run, and help raise money for charity.

Gentle Cozy Games Teacup

5 Cozy Games to Try When You Feel Overwhelmed

These gentle, cozy video games offer a safe and relaxing place to retreat when the real world is feeling a…

chicken police into the hive

BitSummit announces games lineup for 2024 showcase

Here's all the games set to feature in the latest BitSummit expo.

the sims 4 money tips

The Sims and Minecraft are teaching Aussies financial literacy

Games aren't only for entertainment – they're also very educational, and teach practical skills.

dino crisis capcom

Capcom celebrates Dino Crisis anniversary with dinosaur foot pic

Fans are debating whether Capcom is teasing a Dino Crisis remake, or just feet posting.

stray gods game igea industry revenue australia

Games for Change 2024 award winners announced

Here's the full list of winners for the 2024 Games for Change Awards.

pokemon company tcg card van gogh museum

The Pokémon Company disqualifies TCG art contestants who used AI

The Pokemon Company has addressed complaints that were raised after the finalist list for the Pokémon TCG art contest revealed…

wild bastards sxsw sydney 2024

SXSW Sydney 2024: New games join the show lineup

Here's a few more games you'll be able to play at SXSW Sydney 2024.

max mustard vr game toast interactive

Toast Interactive is leading a charge for Aussie-made VR games

Australia is leading the charge for VR video game development, with Toast Interactive being a strong advocate for the medium.

solium infernum league of geeks

Australian studio League of Geeks announces indefinite hiatus

League of Geeks is entering a period of hibernation "for the foreseeable future."

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