Chris Button

Chris Button is an award-nominated writer based in Adelaide, who specialises in videogames and technology. His words have appeared on Junkee, GameSpot, Byteside and plenty more. He loves all things screen-related, sport, and small fluffy animals. Chris also uses Twitter more than he probably should.

Chris's Latest Articles

Tales of Arise Review

Tales of Arise Review - A refreshingly approachable Japanese RPG

Tales of Arise is a fantastic Japanese-style RPG that is free of the genre's many trappings, and filled with emphatic…

Sable could be getting a film or TV adaptation

Sable among Raw Fury games to receive film and TV adaptations

Indie publisher Raw Fury has entered a deal to develop adaptations for its games, including Sable, Night Call, and Mosaic.

League of Legends

League of Legends shuts down cross-team chat to stamp out toxicity

In response to rising levels of player abuse in League of Legends, developer Riot Games is getting rid of in-game…

among us game tv series

Fortnite officially acknowledges Among Us as inspiration for Impostors mode

Fortnite has extended a gesture of goodwill to Among Us studio Innersloth in regards to their heavily inspired Imposters game…

Crusader Kings 3, from Paradox Interactive

Details emerge surrounding 'abusive' culture at Paradox Interactive

Additional allegations add to an already tumultuous period for Paradox Interactive, known for games like Stellaris and the Crusader Kings…

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is an existing PlayStation foray into mobile games

PlayStation hires Apple Arcade lead, mobile gaming push gains momentum

Plans to branch out further into mobile gaming at PlayStation appears to be progressing forward with a significant hire in…

GTA Trilogy Remastered has been announced

GTA Trilogy remaster coming this year, old versions leaving storefronts imminently

Rockstar Games reveals Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, which includes updated versions of GTA III, Vice…

Randy Pitchford has stepped down as Gearbox Software CEO

Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford exits to lead TV and Film studio

Outspoken Gearbox Software co-founder Randy Pitchford has stepped away from games to focus on film and TV projects.

Diablo 4 iv server slam open beta

Diablo 4 gets new director amidst Activision Blizzard crisis

The previous Diablo 4 director stepped down in August as part of the ongoing toxic workplace scandals at Activision Blizzard.

Live streaming service Twitch has been hacked

Livestreaming platform Twitch hacked, private information leaked online

The live streaming platform Twitch has been hacked, with a number of details about the company's business operations becoming public…

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