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unpacking game of the year 2021

Unpacking is GamesHub's Game of the Year 2021

With a charming gameplay loop and effective storytelling, Unpacking by Witch Beam Games is our Game of the Year for…

chip shortage intel

Intel warns the ongoing chip shortage will continue into 2023

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has warned the ongoing chip shortage will likely continue well into 2023 and beyond.

Best Australian Games 2021

The Best Australian Games of 2021

Australia's game developers continues makes phenomenal things. Here are our picks for the best Australian Games of 2021.

path of exile game

Australia's game development incentives are tempting New Zealand studios

A new NZGDA survey has revealed Australian tax incentives and border closures are impacting jobs in the New Zealand games…

loop hero epic games store

Loop Hero is free on the Epic Game Store, and you should absolutely grab it

Loop Hero, one of 2021's best games, is currently going free on the Epic Games Store.

disney twisted wonderland english localisation

Disney Twisted-Wonderland is finally coming to the West

Disney Twisted-Wonderland is finally coming to the West, with an English localisation set to launch in the US and Canada…

ubisoft developers leaving resignation

New report details mass Ubisoft developer 'exodus'

A new report has detailed a mass 'exodus' of talent at Ubisoft following a difficult year.

Best Mobile Games 2021

The Best Mobile Games of 2021

Smartphone games can be portable console experiences or something completely unique. Here are our picks for the Best Mobile Games…

Best PC Games 2021

The Best PC Games of 2021

PC gamers can play almost everything, so we decided to celebrate our favourite PC-first games of 2021.

gex 90s icon comeback square enix

Square Enix files fresh trademark for 90s mascot, Gex

Square Enix has filed a new trademark for Gex, the trash-talking lizard icon from the 1990s.

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