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women led games showcase 2024

Women-Led Games Showcase returns in March 2024

The Women-Led Games Showcase is returning for another year.

multiversus game return 2024

MultiVersus return teased by McDonald's Australia

MultiVersus could be on the way back, per an upcoming McDonald's Australia promotion.

wwe 2k24 season pass dlc characters

WWE 2K24 season pass includes CM Punk, Post Malone, and more

Post Malone joins a long line of surprising guest stars in the WWE 2K series.

pokemon tcg pocket mobile game

Pokemon TCG gets mobile game adaptation in 2024

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is getting a Marvel Snap-like adaptation for mobile devices.

deck nine games the expanse layoffs

Deck Nine Games is laying off 20% of its workforce

Deck Nine Games has announced significant layoffs on Twitter / X.

pokemon legends z-a 2025 screenshot

Pokemon Legends: Z-A launches "simultaneously" in 2025

Game Freak is currently working on the next big Pokemon adventure.

marvel's spider-man 2

Sony is laying off 900 employees from PlayStation studios

Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Guerrilla Games, Firesprite, and more will suffer losses.

crab god chaos theory games

Chaos Theory's Crab God will have a real world environmental impact

Crab God is currently set to release for PC in 2024.

gcap 2024 return dates

Games Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) returns in October 2024

IGEA has confirmed the return dates for the annual GCAP conference.

nintendo switch successor

Nintendo allegedly targeting March 2025 for next-gen console

A new report has alleged hardware supply concerns inspired a console release pushback.

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