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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes review - a new future

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes delves into an altogether different story, but retains the heart of its predecessor.

best puzzle board games

The best puzzle board games to play in 2022

Puzzle board games let you stretch your mind muscles, and work through a number of tricky challenges.

Hideo Kojima The Creative Gene book review by Naphtali Faulkner

On Hideo Kojima’s memes and ‘The Creative Gene’

Umurangi Generation creator Naphtali Faulker ponders Hideo Kojima’s creative process, and how game designers can better approach homage.

ape escape horror game ps1 classics
Opinions & Analysis

Time has turned Ape Escape into a PS1 horror show

Clipping, strange textures and areas that lead nowhere have transformed Ape Escape into a modern horror classic.

intellivision amico

Intellivision Amico trademark abandoned as console delays continue

The Intellivision Amico appears to be in dire straits, following an abandoned trademark filing.

diablo immortal game

Diablo Immortal reportedly earns Blizzard US $1 million per day

Diablo Immortal is reportedly a huge money earner for Blizzard, which could explain why it persists.

Miska Game by Umbrella Party Studios

Reconnect with the planet: Miska and environmental activism in games

A growing movement of climate-focused local games are leading the forefront of environmental activism in a digital age.

skyrim board game adventure gamefound

A Skyrim co-op mod is promising multiplayer adventures this July

Skyrim Together Reborn promises grand adventures with your friends, thanks to 'near-impossible' tinkering.

abortion rights indie game bundle
News game bundle for abortion funds smashes charity goal

The bundle contains over 750 indie games, including tabletop RPGs and experimental projects.

my hero academia battle royale game

My Hero Ultra Rumble is getting a closed beta in August

The free-to-play battle royale game will invite players to show off the Quirks of their favourite My Hero Academia characters.

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