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Bayonetta 3 voice acting controversy

Voice actors reflect on Bayonetta 3 controversy – has anything changed? 

The furore that surrounded Bayonetta 3 highlighted the issue of fair pay for voice actors. We spoke to some voice…

zenimax elder scrolls union

ZeniMax Studios QA workers officially form union

ZeniMax Workers United is now officially the first union under Microsoft.

Diablo 4 iv server slam open beta

Blizzard Albany QA workers successfully form union

Blizzard Albany QA workers have successfully voted to form a union, despite protests from Activision Blizzard management.

Diablo 4 iv server slam open beta

Activision Blizzard moves to delay union vote at Blizzard Albany

Activision Blizzard has called for a postponement of union vote counting at Blizzard Albany.

Diablo 4 iv server slam open beta

Blizzard QA testers win right to vote for unionisation

Testers at the former Vicarious Visions will now initiate a vote on whether to unionise.

vodeo games industry union video

Vodeo Games, the first unionised game studio, is shutting down

Vodeo Games played an historic part in the union movement within the games industry.

sony microsoft activision blizzard

New report claims 79% of games industry workers support unions

A new report has identified that the vast majority of video games workers support unionisation in the face of poor…

activision blizzard financial results q1 2023

Microsoft will remain neutral on Activision Blizzard unions

Microsoft has pledged to remain neutral should employees of Activision Blizzard wish to unionise.

dragon age

Dragon Age QA workers unanimously vote to form union

Keywords Studios QA workers have now formed a major union in order to bargain with management.

activision blizzard union raven software qa

Raven Software QA workers successfully vote to unionise

Raven Software has officially voted to form a union following months of turmoil at Activision Blizzard.

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