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sony microsoft activision blizzard

New report claims 79% of games industry workers support unions

A new report has identified that the vast majority of video games workers support unionisation in the face of poor…

activision blizzard microsoft

Microsoft will remain neutral on Activision Blizzard unions

Microsoft has pledged to remain neutral should employees of Activision Blizzard wish to unionise.

dragon age

Dragon Age QA workers unanimously vote to form union

Keywords Studios QA workers have now formed a major union in order to bargain with management.

activision blizzard union raven software qa

Raven Software QA workers successfully vote to unionise

Raven Software has officially voted to form a union following months of turmoil at Activision Blizzard.

game workers australia

Game Workers Australia union celebrates launch in May

Australia's first union for games industry workers is set to launch on 1 May 2022, a day that celebrates the…

activision blizzard law firm

Law firm hired by Activision Blizzard says unions recruit 'lazy malingerers'

A law firm representing Activision Blizzard has released a stark document deriding union staff.

a better ubisoft demands

A Better Ubisoft says demands for safer workplace haven't changed

A Better Ubisoft has claimed none of its demands for a safer workplace have been met by company management.

activision blizzard union raven software qa

Activision Blizzard won't recognise Raven Software union

The deadline has now passed for Activision Blizzard to acknowledge the newly formed Game Workers Alliance. Here's what's next.

playstation plus sony aaa games

Game developers speak out about NFTs, unions in GDC report

The GDC State of the Game Industry 2022 report has revealed efforts to combat workplace toxicity, and pushes for 'innovations'…

vodeo games industry union video

Vodeo Games forms first ever North American video game union

Vodeo Games has formed the first ever video game union for North America.

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