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pokemon presents pokemon day february 2024

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review – A shiny, Terastallized gem

Pokemon Violet is a grand and impressive adventure that heralds a new chapter for Pokemon – although it is held…

pokemon violet scarlet february 2023 update

How long do Pokemon Scarlet and Violet take to beat?

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are robust games that invite players to travel a wide open world, and complete quests with…

pokemon scarlet and pokemon violet tips guide tricks

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet guide: 13 tips to help you succeed

Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet send you on a wild journey through Paldea. Here's how to make the most of…

pokemon scarlet violet review

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review roundup 

The reviews for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are in, and despite its technical flaws, it’s gotten many excited for the…

id@xbox demo fest 2023 game

Everything announced at Nintendo Indie World November 2022

Here's everything announced during the latest Nintendo Indie World, including WrestleQuest and Inscryption.

sports story nintendo indie world

Sports Story is officially launching in December 2022

The highly-anticipated sequel to Golf Story officially has a release date – and it's very soon.

Mario kart from nintendo

The best selling Nintendo video games of 2022 so far

Nintendo has announced the best-selling Switch games of 2022 so far – and they shouldn't come as a surprise to…

dena nintendo partnership

Nintendo establishes mobile games venture with DeNA

Nintendo is partnering with mobile games company DeNA for a joint venture to strengthen Nintendo's digital business.

nintendo indie world

Nintendo Indie World showcase returns this week

The latest Nintendo Indie World showcase will spotlight around 25 minutes of information.

Bayonetta 3 Nintendo Switch game preview

Bayonetta 3 is a knockout, but it feels held back by the Switch

Our early hands-on with Bayonetta 3 showed great promise, but we really need to talk about the power of the…

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