Nintendo announces 1-2-Switch sequel, Everybody 1-2-Switch

The upcoming game was previously reported to be stuck in development hell.
everybody 1-2-switch game

Nintendo has officially announced Everybody 1-2-Switch!, a sequel to the motion-controlled mini-game collection that served as a console launch title, 1-2-Switch. The game is releasing on 30 June 2023, and will feature a new array of team-based party games where players will work together and compete in over-the-top challenges.

As detailed by Nintendo, Everybody 1-2-Switch! will allow anybody to join in these games, as each will be compatible with Joy-Cons and smart devices – much like the Jackbox party games. Here’s a brief rundown of the game’s features, from the Nintendo website:

‘Mix up your next get-together with the Everybody 1-2-Switch! game. Grab some Joy-Con controllers or smart devices for team-based games that are easy to set up and feature everything from balloons to aliens, and more! People at your next party can get moving and show off their teamwork in this multiplayer mashup. A mix of games and modes to keep you on your toes!’

Preorders are now open for the game, which is set to launch in just a few short weeks – however, keen players might like to know this game appears to have been the subject of some internal rumours that made the rounds in June 2022.

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According to reporting from Fanbyte, a sequel to 1-2-Switch had been in development at Nintendo for several years, with developers aiming to create a bigger game with up to 100 players able to join in ‘gameshow’-like rounds.

At the time, it was reported that the action was guided by a man in a horse mask (now seen in promotional artwork for the upcoming game) and that he would guide players through rounds of musical chairs, bingo rounds, and a ‘nice’ version of spin the bottle.

Per Fanbyte, the game was outright hated in playtests, with comments being both ‘horrible’ and ‘brutal’. Feedback was reported to be so bad, releasing the game would have damaged Nintendo‘s reputation. It was alleged that some employees took to calling the game ‘horseshit’, with many raising alarms about its quality.

It’s certainly possible that changes to the game could have been made since Fanbyte’s report surfaced, in an effort to address quality concerns. Should that be the case, it could be a fun successor to 1-2-Switch – but perhaps it’s best to exercise some caution.

Everybody 1-2-Switch! is set to launch for Nintendo Switch on 30 June 2023.

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