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silent hill 2 remake trailer

Divisive Silent Hill 2 trailer criticised by Bloober Team president

The game trailer largely focused on combat, and received mixed reception.


Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! games are coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam

The announcement includes a Yu-Gi-Oh! game never before released outside of Japan.

silent hill game

Silent Hill: The Short Message detailed in Australian Classification Board listing

Silent Hill: The Short Message will seemingly follow a young woman named Anita investigating a mystery.

silent hill ascension

Silent Hill: Ascension is off to a rocky start

Silent Hill: Ascension's debut has been derailed by criticism, with many calling out its UI, microtransactions, and graphics.

suikoden game

Suikoden 1 & 2 HD Remaster delayed out of 2023

Konami has announced a significant delay for quality and performance improvements.

metal gear solid collection

Metal Gear Solid Master Collection includes 'outdated' content warning

The upcoming Metal Gear Solid re-release collection warns players of potential controversy.

metal gear solid 3 snake eater remake konami

Metal Gear Solid Delta is the MGS3: Snake Eater remake

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is officially getting a modern remake from Konami.

metal gear solid 3 remake

Hideo Kojima is not involved in Metal Gear Solid 3 remake

Konami has confirmed Hideo Kojima will not contribute to the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3 remake.

silent hill ascension

Silent Hill: Ascension trailer and first details revealed

Silent Hill: Ascension invites viewers to take part in an interactive story.

castlevania trademark filing konami

Konami trademark sparks new hope for Castlevania fans

A new trademark filing has many wondering whether Konami is finally pursuing a modern Castlevania sequel.

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