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Dragon Age Dreadwolf Dragon Age Day 2022

New Dragon Age Dreadwolf cinematic released for Dragon Age Day

Bioware has released a new cinematic for the upcoming Dragon Age sequel, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, in celebration of Dragon Age…

dragon age absolution tv trailer release date

Dragon Age: Absolution gets new trailer, release date

Dragon Age: Absolution has locked in a premiere date, with all six episodes landing at once.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Key Art
Opinions & Analysis

Mass Effect’s colonisation narrative isn’t pretty, ten years later

The way the Mass Effect series portrayed the idea of human expansion and colonisation hasn't aged well, writes Nich Richie.

ea mass effect n7 day 2022 sims 4

Mass Effect 4 update - EA celebrates N7 Day with Sims 4 crossover

EA is celebrating N7 Day with a handful of fun announcements, and a major tease about the future.

dragon age mass effect bioware union

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is now fully playable

A new development update has indicated major progress on the upcoming Dragon Age sequel.

dragon age

Dragon Age QA workers unanimously vote to form union

Keywords Studios QA workers have now formed a major union in order to bargain with management.

dragon age dreadwolf

The next Dragon Age has been subtitled Dreadwolf

BioWare has finally lifted the lid on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the next major game in the franchise.

dragon age mass effect bioware union

BioWare QA contractors are fighting for a union

Contractors who have previously worked on titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age are moving towards unionisation.

dragon age game

BioWare gives update on Dragon Age 4, Mass Effect

BioWare has provided fresh updates on Dragon Age and Mass Effect in a production blog.

dragon age 4 creative director matt goldman

Dragon Age 4 senior creative director leaves Bioware

Matt Goldman, senior creative director on the Dragon Age franchise, has departed developer BioWare.

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