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ACMI's Out of Bounds exhibit explored the literal boundaries of play

The Out of Bounds installation shows that ACMI continues to adventure beyond the limits of what video game exhibits can,…

ACMI The Grannies Red Dead Redemption 2

ACMI goes out of bounds with Red Dead Redemption 2

ACMI is pushing creative boundaries next month with its latest exhibition focussed on a group of creative Red Dead Redemption…

a halloween valentine game ACMI big games night in

ACMI to host free demos of excellent Australian games

The Big Games Night In will once again be hosted by ACMI as part of MIGW 2022, allowing everyone to…

untitled goose game preserved

ACMI, NFSA and The Powerhouse team up to preserve video game history

Untitled Goose Game is set to be preserved by ACMI, NFSA, and The Powerhouse in a joint initiative.

HYPER//ECHO game screenshot

HYPER//ECHO delves into the transience of our digital world

ACMI's most recent digital exhibition explores digital decay in a locally developed video game.

untitled goose game live

Untitled Goose Game Live will bring orchestral chaos to ACMI

A live orchestra will score a playthrough of Untitled Goose Game at ACMI in July 2022.

hyper//echo acmi

Play ACMI's first video game commission: HYPER//ECHO

Australia's museum of screen culture has launched its first video game, developed by award-winning local developers.

Australian cricket games

Why Cricket video games are vital to Australia's national identity

Big Ant Studios and Beam Software shared their perspective on the history of cricket games as part of the Born…

code breakers women in games exhibit acmi

ACMI Women in Games exhibit lands in Lilydale

The Code Breakers: Women in Games exhibit celebrates the achievements of women working in Australia and around the world.

video games museums atari centipede

How museums collect video games and their history

In a recent Play It Again talk, prominent historians discussed how video game preservation goes beyond simple emulation.

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