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WWE 2K23: MyRISE will feature two original storylines

WWE 2K23 will feature an upgraded version of MyRISE with two unique plots.
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WWE 2K23 will include a number of returning modes, including the fan-favourite MyRISE narrative mode, which allows players to embody their own custom wrestler and embark on a quest for glory. As in past years, WWE 2K23 will have a hearty MyRISE plot – with a twist. This year’s game will have two major storylines to follow: The Legacy and The Lock.

Each tale is an original story, with minimal crossover between the two. While 2K Games recently shared the fact that there will be easter eggs and secrets between these chapters, with select original characters appearing in both The Legacy and The Lock, the stories will remain separate.

In The Legacy, you’ll play as a female second-generation wrestler (think Charlotte Flair) working to fight her way to the top of WWE from a rookie trainee position to major superstardom.

In The Lock, you’ll play as a male varsity athlete working his way through the ‘WWE hype machine’ in an effort to make a mark. Being described as a ‘once in a lifetime’ talent will certainly place pressure on your playthrough, though.

Each choice you make, and every match you win, will reshape your journey up the WWE ladder, and the relationships you form along the way. As in past years, this path will be aided by a variety of WWE wrestlers, including Molly Holly – who will play a key part in the Legacy storyline, according to 2K Games.

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In WWE 2K23, a greater level of Create-A-Wrestler (CAW) customisation options will also help make your journey more memorable. This was a core focus point for the next generation of WWE games, according to Lynell Jinks, Creative Director on the game.

‘Every single year on day one [of WWE 2K games] you see thousands of creations that look amazing, but one of the things that was a sore spot for the team was that there was a huge gap between the creations and the WWE superstars, and the fidelity that we put into our models,’ Jinks said, in a recent roundtable interview with media.

‘We closed that gap this year. We went and scanned 16 different ethnicities of real people, and we still have the same functionality to allow you to change and sculpt those face settings – but also, [we’ve increased] the fidelity of the textures. [They’re now] super high-res textures, so your creations will look just as good as our WWE superstars that we’re responsible for creating.’

In addition, wrestlers can now be customised with new performance features and creative tools, allowing for better custom entrances and an overall much sleeker look. These improvements should aid players in developing their own custom superstars, and create a more compelling MyRISE narrative, without the added glimpses of the uncanny valley.

As one of the flagship inclusions in WWE 2K23, MyRISE is seems to be doing its best to be an essential experience.

WWE 2K23 launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC on 17 March 2023.

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