Aussie game Wayward Strand finally has a release date

Wayward Strand is one of the most anticipated Australian-made games of the year – and we finally know when it'll launch.
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Wayward Strand, the Australian-made game featuring a young journalist exploring a floating hospital, has finally been dated at the Nintendo Indie World showcase. As one of the most intriguing Australian games set to launch this year, there’s certainly some high anticipation for the title when it launches on 21 July 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

[Update: Wayward Strand was subsequently delayed until 15 September 2022, with developer Ghost Pattern citing the health of the developers as paramount. The original story follows below.]

The latest sneak peak video shows off Wayward Strand’s intriguing gameplay mechanics and stories. They’ll be parsed by intrepid teen journalist Casey as she journeys to the aforementioned hospital that houses specialist staff and patients, all of whom have intriguing life stories to share.

By sitting down and chatting with those on board, Casey will be able to tease out essential pieces of history and effectively bridge the gap between generations.

As well as sitting down with patients, Casey will also be able to eavesdrop on conversations, which will likely uncover some juicy secrets. The difference between heard conversations and those Casey is an active participant in are wildly different, reflecting the ways we hold our innermost thoughts close.

Everyone has a story – and it’s up to Casey to discover exactly what that means in Wayward Strand.

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According to Ghost Pattern, the game can be played through multiple times to discover every pathway and story. The real-time nature of the game means that not everything can be experienced in a single playthrough, and players are encouraged to return to the game to pursue new avenues, using Casey’s unique skills to uncover heartbreaking and wholesome tales.

Topics such as empathy, intergenerational relationships, care and neglect are explored thoroughly throughout the game – almost guaranteeing the need for tissues.

Early glimpses at Wayward Strand have shown off a game with the potential to be extremely impactful – one that tells important stories that aren’t often touched in the world of video games.

Casey’s story looks like it’ll be a real joy when the game finally launches for consoles and PC in July.

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