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The Sims 4 Horse Ranch gets official trailer, new details

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch will include baby animals, nectar production, and walking trails.
horse ranch dlc sims 4

Following a major leak on Steam, EA and Maxis have confirmed the launch of The Sims 4 Horse Ranch, a brand new game expansion pack that adds in the ability to raise and rear horses, sheep, goats, and other animals on a special family ranch. With the official description, we now have more details about the upcoming pack, and every new feature on the way.

The flagship feature for Horse Ranch is, of course, the new inclusion of horses as family companions. You’ll be able to raise a horse from its days as a foal, all the way to championship glory at the Equestrian Center of new neighbourhood, Chestnut Ridge – a town inspired by the ‘rustic’ American West.

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch features competitions, new social scenes

Horses can be entered into a variety of competitions testing their main skills – agility, jumping, and endurance. If you win in your category, you’ll get a Simoleon reward, as well as special plaques and signs you can decorate your home ranch with. Eventually, you’ll also be able to enter the Ultimate Horse Championship to prove you’re the best rearer in Chestnut Ridge.

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When you’re not raising horses in this pack, you’ll be able to tend to life on the ranch, which includes raising a whole bunch of other animals, like sheep and goats. To keep them happy, you’ll muck out their stables, harvest Prairie Grass for Animal Feeders, care for them, and help them grow. Each animal will produce goods to sell – and you’ll also be create Nectar from the resulting ranch compost.

Once the hard work is done, Sims will be able to head down to the bars and social scenes of Chestnut Ridge, where they’ll be able to dance, drink, and party the night away.

In a new blog post, EA and Maxis have revealed Horse Ranch will also include references and homage to Native American culture, thanks to the work of Stacey Parshall Jensen, who worked as a collaborator and sensitivity reader on the expansion pack.

‘Indigenous people have always had a deep, spiritual relationship with horses,’ Jensen said. ‘They’re a symbol of power. They provide healing and represent freedom and bravery to our Indigenous culture.’

Jensen provided advice to The Sims 4 team, and helped to co-created various food, clothing, and home items which players can use to enjoy their new life in Chestnut Ridge. As part of this process, The Sims team pledged to make a donation to Indigenous-led support organisation, Sacred Healing Circle, which works to preserve traditional Native American methodologies and practices.

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack launches for PC and consoles on 20 July 2023. Everyone who orders the game before 31 August 2023 will receive the Rockin’ Rancher Digital Content, which includes a rustic guitar, chair, and wagon wheel artwork.

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