The Game Awards 2023 Future Class revealed

The Game Awards 2023 Future Class represents "the bright, bold and inclusive future of video games."
game awards 2023 future class

The Game Awards 2023 Future Class has been revealed, with a range of fresh faces celebrated for their contributions to the global games industry. Each year, The Game Awards committee selects a number of emerging talents to recognise, with these individuals sharing passion for the games industry and contributing impactful, worthwhile work to help it grow.

Notably in this year’s class, we have a familiar GamesHub contributor, Samantha Low, who has been recognised her work as a freelance games journalist, marketing consultant, and streamer. To celebrate this recognition, we’d like to highlight some of the fantastic pieces she’s contributed to GamesHub over the last few years:

Elsewhere in this year’s future class, artists, developers, and writers from across a number of disciplines have been celebrated. Emma Kidwell, a writer on the excellent (and underrated) Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Hindsight, and more has been inducted into the Future Class, as has Alyx Jones, who worked on titles including Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Elden Ring.

Alister Lee of Electronic Arts is another great inclusion. They worked on The Sims 4 to expand the game’s customisable pronouns, and continue to oversee new, inclusive features for the long-running franchise.

Zea Wolfe, a senior producer who worked on Cult of the Lamb and Saltsea Chronicles, has also been recognised for her contributions to the local Australian game development scene.

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Other developers working at studios including Riot Games, Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment, Playground Games, Respawn Entertainment and Firaxis Games have also been celebrated for their passions and achievements.

Here’s the full list of The Game Awards 2023 Future Class:

  • Abhijeeth S.
  • Abigail Nakaishi
  • Alice Winter
  • Alister Lee
  • Alyx Jones
  • Angela Dachowski
  • Ashraf Abi Said
  • Atiya Nova
  • Avani Jain
  • Bria Davis
  • Casey Almodovar Ramos
  • Chris Filip
  • Codie Childs
  • Edd Coates
  • Elena Petrovskaya
  • Emma Kidwell
  • G.C. “Grimm” Baccaris
  • Gabriel Bera
  • Georgie Christoforou
  • Harriet Frayling
  • Iasia Brown
  • Jamie Naden
  • Jason Kappes
  • Jennifer Estaris
  • Jerreau Henry
  • Jessica Taylor
  • Jonathan Tang Ziyi
  • Jordan Minor
  • Jose Angulo
  • Karoline Forsberg
  • Kayla P. Harris
  • Khevna Shah
  • Marty McMahon
  • Miko Charbonneau
  • Morgan Ling
  • Mylene Speidel
  • Nareice Wint
  • Noor Amin
  • Nuha Alkadi
  • Rachel Sima
  • Reny Lizardo
  • Ross Minor
  • Sally Sheppard
  • Samantha Low
  • Saqina Latif
  • Sherry Toh
  • Su Liu
  • Theo Nogueira
  • Valencia Coleman
  • Zea Wolfe

You can learn more about The Game Awards 2023 Future Class on the Game Awards website.

Leah J. Williams is a gaming and entertainment journalist who's spent years writing about the games industry, her love for The Sims 2 on Nintendo DS and every piece of weird history she knows. You can find her tweeting @legenette most days.