Tekken 8 trailer reveals new look for Paul Phoenix

The latest gameplay trailer for Tekken 8 has revealed a major shock for franchise fans.
paul phoenix tekken 8

The latest gameplay trailer for Tekken 8 has reintroduced heavyset fighter, Paul Phoenix, with a brand new look and a rather surprising hairstyle. While Phoenix was previously known for having one of the most gravity-defying hairstyles in gaming – a straight updo that literally towered above him – the new trailer reveals Phoenix has discovered hair relaxer.

Rather than a blonde tower, he now rocks a dirty blond flip, with his hair cut short and straight around his face. The floppy do has a lot more life in it, swinging and bobbing as he throws out catastrophic punches, but it also lacks the unique panache of his original look.

No longer a style oddity, he now resembles a typical biker in Tekken 8, seemingly taking cues from characters like Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider), and the entire cast of Sons of Anarchy. It’s a coherent look, and one that stands out on the battlefield, but long-time fans will likely lament the loss of Phoenix’s fabulous, ridiculous locks.

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You can see the fighter in action in the latest Tekken 8 trailer:

Beyond the shock of Phoenix’s hair, the latest trailer also reveals more of the character’s hard-hitting move set, which remains largely ground-based. Where other fighters take to the skies with overhead leaps and dramatic twists, Phoenix stays low and cemented, unleashing a variety of punches and knee kicks to wear down opponents.

Even his special move is fairly meaty, comprising a short run up and punch-smash that levels opponents, and pushes them across the stage. He also has access to an overhead side-suplex, and other core moves that should effectively dispatch tricky opponents.

All the fly kicks, spins, and capoeira in the world can easily be trounced with a well-placed punch – so expect Phoenix to be a formidable fighter as he enters the ring.

Tekken 8 does not currently have a release date, but is expected to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC.

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