The Tamagotchi Uni will introduce a pastel metaverse

The new Tamagotchi Uni will have Wi-Fi compatibility, allowing players to connect with others online.
tamagotchi uni

Bandai Namco has announced the launch of the Tamagotchi Uni, a modern generation Tamagotchi device with Wi-Fi capabilities. While the device will retain many of the features of its predecessors – including a neat colour screen – this iteration will play into the popularity of the metaverse, with players able to connect with others online via mini-games in a newly-created ‘Tamaverse’.

In the Tamaverse, players will be able to take part in competitions, meet new friends, find new fashions, and also earn special items exclusive to this online world. If that sounds familiar, you likely grew up with the Tamagotchi Connection Version 3. This iteration of the device was launched alongside TamaTown, a website featuring a virtual world packed with mini-games and collectables.

Those able to head online could claim a number of exclusive items by participating in games, with the website revealing codes that could be inputted into the device’s special shop ‘cheat screen’. The Tamagotchi Uni seems to adapt this idea with a native reimagining of TamaTown that can be accessed directly on the device.

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As with other Tamagotchis, you’ll also be able to spend time raising, feeding, and dressing up your pets with a variety of button inputs. With a new watch-like wrist strap, you’ll also be able to carry the Tamagotchi Uni everywhere you go, ensuring you’re looking after its needs at all times.

Another major change for the device is that it’s rechargeable, and it ships with a USB-C charging cable. If you’re somebody who has trouble keeping up with all your devices and their battery needs, this Tamagotchi should be much easier to care for.

The Tamagotchi Uni launches for US $59.99 in the United States on 15 July 2023, and is planned for a worldwide launch. Stay tuned for news of a local release in your region.

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