Summer Games Done Quick 2022 raises US $3 million for charity

Summer Games Done Quick has again raised a phenomenal amount for charity via video game speedruns.
summer games done quick 2022 charity

Annual video game speedrunning event Summer Games Done Quick 2022 has officially concluded with a total of US $3.01 million raised for charity Doctors Without Borders, also know as Medecins Sans Frontieres. The fundraising event took place over a week in late June and early July, and brought together a number of talented speedrunners for romps through classic and modern video games.

Super Mario 64 made an appearance, as it often does, alongside newcomers like Elden Ring, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and Metroid Dread. There were also a number of niche surprises along the way, like harrowing runs through Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, Warioware: Touched!, McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure, Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth, and Blaster Master.

The action really was a sight to behold – if you’ve never seen a speedrunner at work, it’s likely you’ll be entranced by all the shortcuts, tricks, bugs, and mechanical loops that players discover in their quest to be the fastest player around.

A high risk, high reward run through the Super Monkey Ball-like Rolled Out! was an early highlight of the show, but the wild antics continued throughout each day of the event, with glitchy trips through Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Definitive Edition providing some real eye-opening moments.

Elden Ring rounded out show this time around, with two runners showing off impressive skill in a game that’s difficult in any circumstances – and even harder when running through it at great speeds.

You can check out some of the SGDQ 2022 runs for yourself on YouTube.

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All money raised from the event will be donated directly to Doctors Without Borders, and will aid the organisation in providing medical care for inaccessible, remote or conflicted regions.

To date, the participants, viewers, and organisers of Games Done Quick have raised around US $40 million for various charities, with each event adding to the impressive total. This year’s event was the first held both in-person and online after several years away due to the pandemic.

Summer Games Done Quick returns on 21-27 August 2022 with Flame Fatales, an all-woman speedrunning event which will raise funds for education-based charity Malala Fund.

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